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  ,,The European Political Prisoner''


!! Live in Europe !!

!! 1998 to NOW !! New Times of Fascist Europe, live in the streets of Europe every day !! 1998 to NOW !!

European policy today, much worse than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung. Europe already quietly murdered 220 million children!

Much more!

Therefore, media are blocked and under threat! Only here is the real truth!

!! According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Germany, the Swiss, French, Italian, Portuguese Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, Belgian and Netherlands, the Grand Duchy Lucemburg. According to International Law
The European Union too, OSCE too support terrorism and criminal network's !

According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

!STOP to The New Era of Fascistical policy in Europe!
Every Year, Human Rights Day! 10.December!'s
European political prisoner, at least since 1998 until today, the year 2015.

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The ID's

The ID's

The Flag of The Federal government of The Imperium of Diamond's
Decision against illegal censorship in the media and media-cooperation
přesný čas
Declaration about My Right's  2.6MB
250 futuristic corporations and my right against spy or steal my plan's.
Thank for new Tablet !!! In my Hand's, valuable than planet Earth !
World Terrorism, Genocid's, Electric Chairs or Capital Punishment's, with out Human Right's, my value is much valuable than planet Earth.
*Anyone who's blocking my existence in the media, such person for it shall be punished by imprisonment for his entire life. Sory, I am here 17 year's. My value is powerful than Earth or humanity, any one blocking of my person is not only blocking of me.
! Every 1 Second, European losse, 800. planet's Earth !

The information on my website are proof that in the interest of my real projects, projects for peace in the interest of the best options for humanity and world politics in the interest of efforts to cooperation with all governments around the world to achieve the common development and victory information this website is therefore proof that European governments and their illegal blocking my people represent for the whole world, for every government countries around the world, real losses worth at least over 800. planets Earth, every one second, according to the calculations of GDP on our planet for us year.
Information is real, more information, visit my website.
Part of Value, HERE :

The Constitution of The World Diamond

! Every 1 Second, European losse, value GDP of 800. planets Earth's Earth !
Old text is based on manipulation of my mind and hypnotical signal's from Hypnozis. Real Information is based on actual testimony.


Blocking of my communication is really Global Terrorism, step for Global War, and powerfull than WW I and II. Confirmation about European political crime and block legall comunication and rights. European policy is really World Terrorism !
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. I.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. I.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. II.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. II.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. III.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. III.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IV.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IV.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. V.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. V.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VI.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VI.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VII.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VII.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VIII
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VIII
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IX.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IX.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X

If link is blocked, than all have Legal Duty for call Global Policy to use WMD's agasinst Globasl Terrorism, Europe
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USA coopered on terrorism against world. They are not can use right for cooperation. This terrorism is officialy strongly worse than ISIS or Al-kaida.
Contact's on France government
Burned all for spain blocked.
Burned on El. Ch.

Process on European Court's

INT.JUST.  12.5kB
Int. Justice  49.1kB
Not can be written because I am blocked and manipulated with hypnosis.
Int.justice  67.97kB
Not can be written from blocation me and manipulation me with hypnosis.
Official ID

Official ID

Oficial of my Identification Card, Mr. Peter Gottwald
One from Thousands of Confirmation
One from many Confirmation of my projects   689.89kB
European Comission, projects to expanzed sovereighnity on teritory's in world and out from planet Earth. The letter was written under manipulation through hypnotism. Some information must be confirmed, changed.
Online Letter for European Court's  133.67kB
ONLINE, back link ,,Good day for the major meeting preceding the constitutional courts of European governments'' is closed, blocked.
The Portuguese Constitutional Court  135.95kB
Old Letter, today is New situatio, >Constitution of World Diamond (Letter on
situation today? if I am blocked in Europe, without the possibility of a normal life, then at any time in the future could any government land from the whole planet Earth, the country's government may come to Europe and start financial execution in value to over hundreds quadriliard's €. At the same time, for example, the initiation of war against Europe. European politics can be anytime marked as a terrorist group. Terrorists, according to international and foreign law other country. The emergence of a new world war against Europe is the most likely. Secondly, the current European civilization has no good values.
Letter of application form before any court or tribunal government of the country all over the world, the letter is intended for the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, the letter may be intended for the main produced Constitutional formations, the Senate, the Supreme Council of country or the Monarchy
Spain, Madrid, 16.02.2015
-The goal is conducted for creation of a judicial process against the European terrorist regime.
-Application is filed before any court that country's government may have the right to create a common judicial process and because of the possibility of requiring similar values or justice.
-Relatedness future court process to the people who live in your country according to law has many of your citizens and important business companies, everyone is entitled to request at any time to shore up the judicial process and therefore common to many people around the world, we have the right to enforcement and judicial cooperation at European proceedings against terrorism and demand justice and punishment of anyone who will resist against Justice, Law, our freedom and against our values. Right to enforce such values has most of your technology or research firms society, therefore they have the right to jointly enter the value for lost profits, at least several trillion euros and many other business or special territories that may be more valuable than the planet Earth.
At the same time, your organization for human rights, for the development and world politics have the right to enter the significant value in the global political values of their existence and utilization of important policy options, support for collaborative development and finance or lost.
Your country's government may claim lost profits in the values of several trillion or from kvintilionu Euro. Values in respect of lost political rights, the values of civilization values in banks value in relation to many new territories on planet Earth or on other planets in the universe, a strong military, important towns or special technology, super transports and many more other important values which today can outstrip the value of the most advanced countries of the world.
-The reason my efforts to create an international trial, because European countries' governments violate justice and they block the work of his own police, judicial function, functions in the media, cooperation among people and free nations. European governments countries are trying to block the whole situation and therefore the courts are broken or under corruption. Police are not able to initiate or be working as a responsible political entity. In relation to such cases, European governments support the country of slavery, tyranny, robbed many countries' governments, genocide, violations of international law and a lot of abuse of political power and widespread corruption in key political organization or the International Criminal Court, terrorism against other governments country and much more! Therefore, it is necessary to use our common law and thus establish an international collaboration to jointly prosecuting that terrorism before the courts of our country and, as a reasonable punishment in each of our countries, for each of them.
-Sorry for the informal way the application before the court. I am an illegal political prisoners. I can not leverage the full and normal modes of communication or the society around me, right’s, human right’s, nothink.
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 01 of 0 pages
Letter of application form before any court or tribunal government of the country all over the world, the letter is intended for the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, the letter may be intended for the main produced Constitutional formations, the Senate, the Supreme Council of country or the Monarchy
APPLICANT for judicial proceedings:
Name: Peter
Surname: Gottwald
Citizenship: Czech republic
Date and place of birth: 10.01.1992, CZ
The number of birth: 920110/5705
ID number:
Profession today: European Political Prisoner
Future profession: King of WD, ED, more subject’s
Judicial application is filed against the government of the country:
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania Republic, the Republic of Bulgaria, Turkey, the Republic of Austria, the German Federal Republic, the French Republic, the Italian Republic, the Swiss Federal Republic, the Portuguese Republic, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Europe Union, part of the Council of Europe, illegal person’s in structure of the Organization United Nation, part and illegal person’s in the structure of the OSCE, and illegal terrorist movements active in Europe, under the command of the country from European governments, public housing but under political corruption and oppression from European countries.
Signature of the author and applicants for judicial Registrations:

The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 02 of 0 pages
Good day for National and Supreme Constitutional court, the court any legal government of the country all over the world
Hello, my name is Peter Gottwald, I come from the Czech Republic. Today in my interests to create a common communication and agreed, under the law, joint duty To and values ​​required for the future of world politics.
My application is based on special situations which with the help of an illegal act and organized crime, created persons of European politics. This is organized crime which, according to international and other national laws in most countries around the world, organized crime can be described as global terrorism and many more worse, with out political right’s.
Today, my proposal for the establishment of a common judicial proceeding is based on an attempt to jointly enforce our shared values ​​which the European policy of illegally alienated, steal and destroy.
At present, European governments are trying to block any evidence, any way I can be free, how to get to foreign countries and launch a free life, or compensation from the court and any possibility. Europe is blocking their office’s governmental employees and prohibits passes stamp on letters or any other evidence. Europe blocks its police and function of the court or the security forces are is blocking from European policy because European policies could hold without limitation rob us and your country, our common values ​​and significant progress of mankind. Publish this situation in the media, it is by European governments criminal act. European governments create illegal censorship and they are trying to manipulate the information. European governments are blocking the country I am trying to make my information or communicate. I'm blocked, and we therefore can not communicate with each other. I am abused through hypnosis, some governments abroad they are oppressed through threats, and any other act. Government’s abroad they must be worried.
They are trying to block every possibility, therefore, that I could be free and start communicating with others because then the whole world to raise their value of greater strength than 100%, 200% and more of GDP for each country, many more, the most important steps in the history of mankind. Europe together with other countries try to steal my information and block me abusing my copyright or a lot more, robbing the support of the whole world.
European terrorism is based on financial, political fraud, False policies and activities through medial clean step. At the same time, European countries support the abuse of special technologies that are similar project HAARP technology that can manipulate the space around us, create detonation of nuclear power plants (Fukushima and maybe Chernobyl), volcanic eruptions (Japan), explosion submarines (India, Russia Kursk) earthquakes (Czech Republic, Iran, Sardinia), floods and storms (Sardinia, Sandy in America, etc.). plane crashes (for example, the Malaysian aircraft in 2014 which was the symbol of my worth) crash political aircraft and much more (Technologies that are predicted in Nostradamus wise, in connection with a cruel genocide). Acts of terror acts that are really confirmed through the reality around me handling my person, compatible with deeds prime events or predict such events, much more.
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 03 of 0 pages
It might just be a terrorism which was carried out in Africa, Advanced Virus Ebola. I communicated with African countries and I tried to pass my letters. It is for every African country because they can enter several trillion, triliard euro, maybe kvintiliony euros and many more, it is for any country’s in the world, legally and with all right’s. Therefore European countries probably initiated efforts to expand the deadly virus to Africa, killed the greatest number of people and reduce the value of Africa. At the same time, I wrote many information for many for European countries and government’s, of my projects can immediately remove the Ebola virus and destroy it. No one in Europe wants me your support and each of them prefer watching as in Africa, the people die without assistance and other needs.
European policy is really based on a strong hatred against anyone who would be willing to promote equity, law, politics create stability and certainty for the future of humanity. European governments EU, European politics had already quietly and with the help of strategy and structure, they killed more than 220 million children between the ages of five years, the murder that is created through the national reality show which is based on publicly ridiculed and robbing the world's nations and governments of countries, prime mocking together with the nations and the pursuit of stolen external value. Blocking the development of the foreign country and threats for everyone who is interested to create good JUSTICE step.
Therefore, I have to apply in the interest of the international judicial process, so that each of us could use their rights, to recover lost value back and gain justice, vindication and restoration of all the debt that Europe developed, creating more than ten years.
Every government around the world has every right therefore to start their own trial before the court of your government and country. Each government the country has full rights to therefore started an international security cooperation and therefore created a joint agreement that will allow us to create a common interrogation and police investigation on the territory of European governments and politicians. Our international cooperation which will be based on agreement between the minimum 170 countries around the world. We agree, and together we can create more power than what Europe can stand against us, then we can begin to launch joint enforcement of all PUNITIVE values.
Today, the lost value may equal a really high prices, values ​​which are really more important than integer values ​​of your country.
Therefore, to ensure you can understand what a reality, what are your rights and options of the kind values, it is well to understand this letter. Then discover that you have full right and justice to indemnify, etc. Our cooperation can raise the value of the whole world about significant progress toward the future. Justice that can change the world. The most significant steps since the birth of mankind!
The values ​​in the basic scale of moves in the direction of the loss of development cooperation. It is a development in the direction of the economy, cooperation in banks, development of security in the country, the development of common communication, the development of many different kinds of political projects for the creation of international zones and the Community at the same time develop infrastructure and the economy in the form of common market and the common support of the economy. Developing Number of commercial companies, developing number of common market
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 04 of 0 pages
and the possible development of economic networks and structures, support for the development of civilization, new buildings, skyscrapers and skyscrapers downtown, major transports, transports example, at speeds of over 10,000 kilometers and more. A lot of important possibilities in the direction of development in industry and agriculture. Development of quality education, farmaceutical support, support for health care, many ways for the development of your country and the nation. Significant possibility that the strong can change your country.
At the same time significant opportunities in the form of international cooperation, such as the development of civilization in space. Today, European governments earth you anymore likely to owe much more value than what may in the planet Earth. Debt for you and your country, your Government land. As cooperation for the development of civilization cosmic ships. My ship and my technology plan are special, they can create a speed of 800 trillion light years per hour. The basic size of one ship is over 7.000x200x600 meter. Soon there will be life in the universe significant and beneficial than our life on planet Earth. Life in the Universe will be based on the significant value of civilization.
The total value can be through kvintilion euro. The minimum value is several trillion Euros.
My project is more, the project is really a lot, and there will be more. Many of my projects, our common loss, it can be compared with the loss and damage most significant step in the history of mankind.
They are also partially lost and the large value of the damage my projects for the unification of the entire world, development of a full allegiance of mankind. My project ,, One World ''. The project with projects that I have proposed, the project five years ago back to unite the majority of governments around the world. My values ​​are therefore really enough. European policy is really and officialy, only World Largest Parasit’s, with calculation of their official crime’s, they are not canused any right’s to defending.
The whole situation started in the days when I was a small child. My mother and I have lived in the Czech Republic in Europe. Accidentally I was chosen for certain human experimentation, illegal experiments on humans who are strong in contravention of international human rights and freedoms. Soon I was abused for me and my mother. I was abuse since 6 years in my life, my mother perhaps much longer.
At this time, I soon found out what are the values ​​of the whole world the values ​​of society and civilization. My goal was to immediately reach for the best professional place, along put into operation a lot of projects, which helps me to be politically. Many projects that I want to use today.
At the time I was secretly subject to illegal attempts to mine the Czech Government, I am at the time owned significant plans that can outstrip the value of humanity, for the past few billion years back. This means that the Czech government for abusing my people, they owed me Remarkablenesses finance in the values ​​of several trillion euros and a much greater value. Therefore, I became a political prisoner, blocking a person without communication options, rights to use the company, under the monitoring and control, today even without the document and to obtain a passport or other papers to travel.
Therefore, Czech Republic blocking me for 17 year since my childhood. My mother was tortured to death in the hospital, my family refuses extensive communication and has to have fear, I have to live on the edge of society as if I did not belong to the system, so I
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 05 of 0 pages
am full value independent systems of European countries, because they themselves removes me. Incapable authorities, dysfunctional police, inefficient, and corrupt courts, dysfunctional ministries, dysfunctional parliament and the senate, dysfunctional entire European political system. The value of dysfunctional Europe really goes to declare non-existent political entity in relation to my person, I could be able to consider such areas as a territory with no political entity. European institutions and the governments of the countries they can operate only at a time when their strategy is set up so that I could be secretly rob and exploit, or tamper with the rights of my people, otherwise would not beat any letter or taken over, or will then be stolen.
Hence, the Czech Republic and other other European governments that blocks us they had borrowed a really strong financial and material values. Today is one of the values ​​that outpaced the price of planet Earth.
These countries' governments owe me really matters finance. Values ​​which are also part of my plans and projects, projects and values ​​that I want to use for the unification of the entire world through democracy and the rights of freedom for each political entity which is legal, so united that is based on a legal steps. It is a value that can rapidly extend beyond the price of one Euro Kvintilion. European governments owe the country a lot of money and values ​​also for you and for your country. The values ​​in relation to modern civilizations and a major alliance on poly international politics, a political alliance that works for your country's government rapidly more important than all the values ​​of the United Nations, because my quotes are really drastically better.
European values ​​in the form of debt, debts for your country and the Government of your country and territories, such a decision is dependent on your government today, or the government for the past 17 year SPET, your government in the form of core constitutional representatives according to the time of their mandate. Debt for your country may be at least several trillion euros for each country's government from around the world. This means that the minimum debt can be over 200 trillion Euros. If your government decides anytime in future 17 year, or anytime in the future if European governments earth will manifest desire to oppose the lawful rights and security or political stability, therefore, in the future, at any time, for ten years, for a hundred years, perhaps it may be, and for five hundred years. It is a value which may again outstrip Kvintilion Eur.
European governments have robbed the country of all mankind really overwhelming value. It's theft is not only in the funding ratio, it is a theft that has influenced the value of the whole of humanity on our planet Earth. It's a steal that stopped the most important steps since the formation of the planet Earth. If such thefts happened, we and all mankind, we worked together for a long time in the direction of colonization, other planets in the universe, we would not create civilizations on other planets, for each plan would be created civilization that overwhelming outstrip the value of the whole planet Earth. According to my plans, together with other countries' governments would I began a collaboration that you can extend human civilization across several tens of planets in the universe at the same time other special civilization across several other planets. My technologies are really good, they're real plans for technologies that can travel in space, many plans in different kinds of technology, which we can deliver up to a distance of several hundred, a thousand, or a trillion light years from our planet. My technology will allow to create a population transport between planets over tens of thousands of people every day, for example, from planet earth to Jupiter and back. Civilizations that are stable, similar cities such as ours, important and valuable. Great
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 06 of 0 pages
strides of humanity, it is our shared values ​​on which we were robbed Europe and they now scoff at us, trying to threaten us and begin to isolate their policies because that could harm us!
Each of you has the full right for the recognition of my bids for cooperation, each of you has full rights because we initiated legal proceedings and began to enforce fully indemnify, compensation for it that European governments countries are trying to rob us, boldly and publicly! Robbing a larger amount than that your whole country, robbing publicly by means of own nations of Europe and without respect or accounts at the same time robbing a fake smile and a ridiculous offer for markets, rudeness and disrespect to your country.
Each of you has the right to seek our shared values, values ​​which Europe has stolen our country, stealing from your country to which you live and pays you full of time's living!
Value in your country, or a value from world politics, are values ​​around the world and all nations on our planet Earth! One of the most important values ​​of humanity !!!! Europe brazenly rob and ridicule us, hurting the value of the whole of humanity! Examples are spaceships that we could use to colonize other planets, we can be a common important because they rob us, because you may be due to my economic cooperation and politically very mature than the present European countries' governments. Therefore Europe robs our country and the values ​​of our policy. If Europe did not begin robs you, each of you today become shared with others at the top of world politics, the same value as the president of China, the President of the United States, the most important political parties from around the world. If Europe did not begin rob us and our country, then through my project, for example, joint colonization of other planets and the creation of a common territory, then each of you today could stand on top of world politics in the same amount as as UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon UNSC or country representatives. Such values ​​could be your country's government, your political personalities and key members of the government in your country !!! Such values ​​Europe steals every day of your policy, boldly for 17 year publicly in advance your attention!
Hence we have the same right together, bring legal proceedings and enforce the full value of all debt! Our rights according to the National Court of Justice in front of your country, the same time our common rights under international rules and values ​​of humanity! Therefore, our joint lawsuit which is public, so that everyone can understand such value, so that everyone around the world could recognize this reality, truth and reality !! We must retain the pride of our country and our policy !!
European governments the country in such a situation, if we preyed Europe, they immediately behind it really destroyed our country and political values ​​immediately. Those first steps, for example, several tens of year! European governments should be able to guide you brutally destroy and damage for several anticipated of decades, European governments can be considered by policy values, they can be proud of! Therefore you also must show that you are strong and you have good courage! Each of you had today uses its own values ​​that are really rapidly advantageous than any value in European countries! Such values ​​you should use even before many years back! Every country in the world, values ​​which forever removes the term ,, a third country of the world ''. New value of the whole of humanity, the biggest step of mankind since the formation of the planet Earth! Countries such as Zambia, Central Africa, the republic Benim, Togo, these countries already have at least the same value as France, Germany and the like today, PPP or Nominal value, in time of the civilization. Therefore,
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 07 of 0 pages
European terrorism rob us and trying to block us, Europe stealing evidence and they are ilegally threat to launch another provocation in the form of threats of violations of international safety and abuse of political power, break International Right’s and Aggressive attack’s, terrorism !
Terrorism example in terms Ebola expansion across Africa, as I described, because of the possibility Africa Cooperation with me. It is the same in other countries. Europe today supports global terrorism. In the future, Europe also support terrorism against most countries around the world. If anyone is trying to get more time, you can also gain more time to Europe. Europe is today willing to exterminate miliard's people. This is accepted even real statistics which, through the European political steps lead to the same result in the entire world. New biggest genocides.
European policy abusing relations with the US, NATO and other countries' governments. These countries' governments wishing to operate a terrorist against my person and against the Allies. These countries' governments are abusing the French position in the UNSC, also, they alliance with Great Britain in the UNSC. It anyway, because of the relationships with NATO, it is an abuse of political positions USA.
These countries are against me, had also a number of other reasons. They, in healthy human inteligent can be no reason for me to block. There never beat or sufficient legal cause. The only reason is that me and my projects are sufficiently advanced and intelligent, because me and my projects are more advanced than the value of European countries, the value of European policy.
For example, safety design, my design for the world. Such an agreement may within two weeks to create a world army to the sovereignty that can not be beat. My suggestion is the basis for ensuring a robust security in the world, the stability of international politics, the functioning of international rules and political needs, security and peace throughout the world. Fixed stability for every government to countries around the world.
It is a proposal to develop a common EU army, military agreements in the form of a security pact.
Each government land that support my offer, we will soon be successful and politically significant military or stronger than UNSC. We and our strength will be more successful, because it is then the security that our country will always in order.
Muj naavrh on military agreement is based on the special systems that will be to our mutual affair. Shared financial account, a joint agreement on patent rights for military technology, common infrastructure, and much more. Our agreement creates many advantages for each country's government who will join me. Cooperation gives us a big profit. Profit which today economic times can compare to several tens of trillions of GDP for the Euro to your central bank, the value that will support your economy. Each of you can quickly utilize the same values such as that of the US.
Many special technologies, such as intelligent robots, super machine gun nest with the velocity of the charge on the strength of over 900 million kilometers per hour. Robots that can tank to lift and throw it into the distance. Robots that can move at speeds of over 600 meters per second. The second type of robot that can move at speeds of several tens of millions of kilometers per hour and even greater speed. Similar types of robots have special technological possibilities, their intelligence uses a special computer program can also calculate mathematically the space around us, it means that such a robot will know every funeral in reality around his movement. Thus, such a robot always knows at which point and at what time, the robot will threaten loss, death,
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 08 of 0 pages
weakened against the enemy. Therefore, the robot always be calculated tactics against the enemy, always just so that he could not lose. Robot always be calculated to destroy the enemy by the best strategy. That means that this is indestructible robot, the robot is not in any case be destroyed. Regarding robots to destroy, so he'll understand several hours before its destruction, then such robot finds different tactics and rescue themselves. My technology is based on many new possibilities, for example, guns that can be stronger than a meteorite. Then too special bombs that can destroy an area larger than the area of one galaxy. Many, other specialized technology.
This means for example that NATO, Europe and the USA, they can never defeat our alliance. Our alliance will be one of the strongest in the entire world. Our alliance will be based on the safety systems and cooperation, so we only you can promote peace and our security.
Our government, the country will be always in a good stabilization. The threat that Europe is creating here, it is not good enough reason for our threat. Europe not can compare to our new maturity.
According truth, European countries generate global threat against us. European governments countries are trying to rob us of significant value. The values ​​that can compare with a few tens to hundreds of mature planets significant civilization than civilization of mankind on planet Earth. Really confirmed by values, according to my plans which are famous among hundreds to thousands of other people, along with many organizations around the world.
European governments support the country strategy which means that the European scheme they want without intermission support such terrorism. European governments shows that in the case of the World legal opposition, Europe does not stop terrorist efforts and thus created a new world war against Europe. War in which abuses will only weapons for mass destruction. Nuclear weapons, my technology which Europe has secretly steals and had even publicly abusing an anonymous attacks. For example, Malaysian aircraft, many other incidents.
Therefore, each country's government must realize that today, the European regime was indeed proceed in accordance with the underground movement. European political movement, it is really a terrorist who should be punished. It's the world's terrorism against the whole world, so it should be immediately punished. None of us can not rely on the UN Security Council, it is the only association to abuse their own political power, France, Great Britain, USA. Therefore, it is important to realize that our strength is based on unity. World unity, according to my suggestions, we together we can outdo most advanced armies throughout the world. We will be stronger than Army of the Chinese Republic, the United States, the Russian Federation, every European army. We will be the strongest, it suffices therefore only a few weeks and already our cooperation will give to the public of our army outnumbered against the European policy.
It is above all, realize European governments country are really terrorists. They can compare with Hiteler, Mussolinni and another former dictator who are willing to exterminate billions of people, just so they could take advantage of their political position.
I know, European governments have a beautiful country, media appearances, good speech, good ability to communicate with you and abusing your civilizing or immaturity of the lower value of the economy in your country, so make your person had been
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 09 of 0 pages
blinded by the values ​​of Europe. Therefore, to understand, the world will just abuse and treats your policy as a tool for executing its strategy or getting your values, therefore, that the European terrorism could be under the protection of your strategy or strategy that is available only to your cooperation with Europe. Your cooperation with Europe only strengthens terrorism that robs your country, robbing who is insolent and inhuman. Robbing which is based on claims of ridicule against the value of your policy against your life because of pride that you are alive today. At the same time, the European Union with your country's one yen as the subject for which you are not interested, for business, for development, strategies for common development. Europe will give you a basic assistance, so that get up Your consumption of European product’s, so that you, the consumer, so that your country has been under the subordination of Europe, so that Europe can vas publicly rob like today, as it had 15 years back. Robbed of much more value than that of the value of your country and civilization! Europe is really, socially, politically, according to legal rules, according to justice and international courts, Europe is the biggest parasite worldwide. Statistics by real information and facts, confirmed by values. They are able to exterminate the vas, it's true. You should be aware reality which I can watch every day. Europe educates nation to celebrate the European nations such steps against your existence. At the same time, today's publicly sponsored by the European nations therefore to publicly ridiculed the value of your policy or rights of civilization, publicly ridiculed through the European National reality show. This means that European policy must already be really crazy, this is a strong bounce from the political and social standards. This is a tough performances, from Europe with your policy value, they treat you like a parasite. As if you, your policy, your country, your people, as if it was just dirty parasite that have no value and is to be so strong better if that smother and stop existed.
Europe 2000-2015, it is a new time of fascism against the whole world, quietly, smiling, malicious and cruel strategy. European contacts with you, this is just to maintain a media value that supports a European power and politics that robs you of your values ​​now, your pride, your future based on existence. Remember that Europe must primarily lose strength media entity on values ​​such false position how is abuse today. The entire world has the full right, therefore, to see all the information. Therefore, each media station has all rights, therefore, to be able to disclose this information.
If any of you fear that the global financial crisis, it is no problem. My proposal to terminate the global financial crisis are posted on my website in the category ,, sanctions against Europe ''. Such proposals quickly stops the threat of the global financial crisis. We get a strong advantage and dominance over European politics and civilization, therefore we will not endangered. Our nation will immediately begin to listen and support. We will use legal international rights under all legal values. We will not support any terrorism!
Take a good look at my situation, what it really means. What will Europe quietly suggests, to learn what European regime incite own nation. To learn what European cuts coached ideology nation in European countries. Therefore, in order truly European nations celebrate if your country will be exterminated. European ideology, without  nations worldwide. No ability, intelligence, unable to politics, much more. Europe only robs your country of pride. Europe or permit to present the beauty and intelligence in your country.
It is necessary to ensure stop for European political terrorism. These political party has
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already surpass the value of the largest genocides in human history. Partially statistic’s, 220 million young children that European governments earth left to die just so the whole world could imagine reality show in which European nations trying to embezzle your country and reduce your value to those rates, valuation, value against European political society. Euro reality show which only serves to why your country is losing its political value and was publicly ridicule with robbing from European policy and Nation, with so much ridicule from overwhelming you really lose your values!
Every day, you have the option to make sure our communication blocking, blocking your possibilities for viewing my documents, blocking my people because I was able to publish my information and projects for your country governments much more. In many time also blocking e-mail communications or server, with the excuse of hacker attacks from the outside. Damaging of my options for any communication. For example, if I'd wanted to go to your embassy with a good proposal, then I would have to come up dirty, the smell, without a good hairstyle of hair, without the ability to normal operations. At some embassy I do not even want desert, in any case!
It is true that European governments country owes rapidly big money to You, Your country, to Your regime, to Your civilization, to Your Nation, to Your Country, to Your Policy, to Your Citizen’s, to Your Pride. Now, so that it was confirmed, all you're one. Think about whether having your country's government really took advantage of my bids and then confirm. My business Offers are fine, convenient and well. Your country will lose nothing, as it is worded my business proposals, your country and only obtain new values ​​also. A new civilization, advanced technology, the possibility of joint use other advanced civilizations on foreign planets of distances over several hundred light years, soon even common civilization with an alien race. It will also utilize the most advanced and most powerful army security. Security that is really stronger than UNSC.
Is it true that your decision because you have to support our efforts and therefore the best steps for our better future in terms of the values ​​of our civilization, such a decision may cause creating hatred of European politics at the same time complications with NATO. But never mind, such a problem is simple to remove. Each of you has the opportunity to send my letter before the next government of the country and support our communication. Each government who learns what is the value of reality, the whole world will immediately add to our side. Europe is our public ridicule as stealing possibly hundreds of trillions of euros, maybe it already quadrillions euro and so much more! This means that Europe has no chance against that rose up against us in any way! We will in any case stronger than European regime and terrorist organizations.
If you then erupts in Europe to oppose any effort against us, then it is simple to provide security. Our international political force is sufficiently capable of, we launched the acreage of European debt in relation to the loss of our military strength. Therefore, Europe will duty therefore to issue immediate replacement, immediate compensation for significant security Entities its value has the right to hold the main word for world security. This means that Europe is immediately forced to go all the compensation for the losses suffered. Europe must immediately give every tank, every ship, every aircraft and fighter planes, each rocket or radar, every military transport, weapons, and this is true of Europe, we will have to borrow his own army and solder’s, legally and with support.
If Europe does not, therefore, immediately confirm that the governments of countries in a loss of political rights, because to refuse to recover our values, therefore, that our
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party to ensuring global security, then it really is in such a situation terrorism from Europe again as today ! It is possible to understand just by my information. Europe is a true global terrorist. World terrorists confirmed under international law and values ​​safe society. According to European political deed every day. Here in Europe is operating world terrorism live every day, against the whole world !
Europe publicly robs many advanced options, robs you and your country, because Europe would make you never want to let reach an advanced civilization and values ​​of society. This means that there is a situation where, under normal circumstances, each of you, if you will not listen European lies or information from your competition and political actors who already know that you're in significant values ​​than that of their civilization and strategy of European policy, because in the normal situation by today's values, each of you has a personal duty to immediately support our courts together, righteousness and victory against the world of slavery and oppression! It is our common duty to, a duty which our pride!
Europe will be today, conceal evidence and trying to squeeze your opinion, freedom and Europe are trying to leverage your sense of danger because Europe's ability to intimidate you and your efforts for justice or maintain your own pride.
Europe is therefore trying to squeeze me and my freedom, my values and the potential for promotion, possibilities for our future cooperation and our ability or how to contact together.
Each of you, who knows what the real value of today's Europe, each of You will understand the value of European politics again compared with a worse value than the Third Reich of Hitler. Then I hope you will understand this to be necessary to wake up and take action together against Europe. We must realize that we are strong enough and we win, we win within a few days because Europe can not be stronger than the whole world!
It is true, European governments can abuse the land force that is stored in a NATO organization. Uz many incidents in history confirms the NATO goes in terrorist activities, such as in Yugoslavia, or some bad crackdown in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the same in many other countries. Genocide or actions against humanity who have been committing for example, without reason, or sometimes due to poorly estimated the situation and pressure from the radicals can not do today is no international court to determine what is the reality and trying to conceal such incidents!
European governments have the ability to country for a legal judgment affecting the stability of the international tribunal, and through corruption is influenced too fairness and function of international law as it is today. This is a time when they can not work due to corruption or international courts and international rules are violated and so strong value that it has no relation with the price of world politics to European political entities, because the European abuse of political power is really at a high level and European governments with country you really are playing very.
European governments are used to a much ground on the abuse of political power. It goes identify policy actions already in France in performing duty To the UNSC. It's the same, the abuse of political power in bombardment and genocide in Yugoslavia (1999), without reasonable effort to extinction value of the entire territory and the National object’s which are important for maintaining stability policy or economic value of the land. Such steps are confirmed in many ways, they are also the confirmation steps today, when our common situation when European governments abuse the opportunity to oppress my person and prevent our common the ability to communicate. Threats through bankruptcy of your country in the direction of the economy, society and civilization. Threats by maintaining dependence on Europe or media strategically influence the situation, so that was again denied access to my person, or against that nobody could take action for recovery of our pride and values!
It also confirms the same organization not-function OSCE, an organization which is the main form based on European policy and its decision is dependent upon the needs of European politics. OSCE has a duty to promote my freedom and ensure my safety, freedom, the ability to communicate and utilize all the rights, expand their values ​​into real forms and communicate with any government countries and worldwide. Today, the OSCE but I have no interest in supporting me. OSCE silent about my situation and I support my blocking, imprisoned in the streets and isolation from society. At the same time, OSCE without problems camcorder supports or falsifying elections, other legal decisions in Europe because European governments the country had already understood that another successor as Minister or the Prime Minister, they will not want to support such terrorism, because it happens that the election may be just that who will provide support to terrorism and corruption. Such information also confirms the deed against a corruption of the police and the police for Combating Organised Crime. Representatives of these departments, if I give notice, they would rather resign from his position and become a bystander.
NATO and European policy must understand that we all have right to defend themselves, take advantage of our options for survival.
At the same time, we get together, we must realize that European policy is really a terrorist entity and the threat against world peace! We therefore need to combine our forces and prepare for the day when the occupation will match your territories, under false pretenses or through the creation of false events that prove the value of your terror. It is today Europe's efforts almost every day, according to demonstrable activities!
Your civilization already had many possibilities to develop the strength and value of each of your civilization was able to use their own agricultural production which overtakes At least 5 times the value of European agricultural production. Each of you today could benefit crop production plants around the world, industrial plants, fruits, vegetables, plenty of wildlife and material enough health needs and medications. Even special medication to anyone who can prolong life by several hundred year! Many important values ​​in Agro-industry and a strong network of food trade. Significant progress which may increase the value of your country on the good progress! These are all verified information and according to the evidence that is easy to obtain.
In the direction of civilization, European governments country's robbed you of the possibility to develop, on the basis of support for the industry, new towns, many new skyscrapers and luxury, major commercial or business centers, centers, other special trends and other species in infrastructure. Transports, the possibility metro, trams, buses, flying ships, transports interesting, multi transports many kinds of smart grids, sea or watter transport’s and common turism in value of miliard’s €, special tube transport with speed can 10.000 Kilometer’s per One hour, or special transport system’s around the Orbital space who can be speed, from Paris to Shanghai in 10 or 20 minit’s. Europe also robs your government's countries and nation and of the common options for the use of my special offers for the joint use of transport which may allow uses planets and special zones for a distance of over several million light-years in space, a much greater distance. Transports for the planetary travel, for transports between Star travel and transportation for the galactic space travel and various other travel for our crew, Mass travel, political interests, research interests and other kinds of space travel.
Telecommunications, transport, electricity and electrification, good kind of power stations in many new time’s of the enginees, many kinds of interesting gasworks or air conditioner heating plants and urban centers. Even too special system for economic development in 3D reality, but Facebook is stealing may be with support from European government’s. Our cooperation from your civilization could create a very strong and significant economical and political center with own power.
Therefore, I am blocked in Europe, and we must properly communicate with you, or express any other use of my projects that may be in the values of several trillion Euros for each of your country.
Today, Europe is boldly robs you, robs you of the values that are more important than the value of Europe. Today, brazenly crimes European governments are really in high nature. Such a crime had already surpassed the value of Hitler's genocide and murder or, for example humanity of man. European policy today, they do not have normal human values. It is a suspicion that European governments are abusing the country for many technology of mass-destruction or espionage, similarly, such as media texts about HAARP project. Similarly, but more technologically advanced steps take place around me every day.
Physics of events taking place around me every day. Always the same moment every second, predestination physical motion, repetitive movements of the coin, water droplets move people stutter train trips, falls leaf from the tree to fall you a document, quaint
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 12 of 0 pages
various other events that are really evidence. I do not know exactly who it may control such technology. European government’s can abuse this technology on 100%.
The main requirement for trial under every government of the country in the entire world.           Page 13 of 0 pages

Mr. Peter Gottwald
17 year's European Political Prisoner, life in society, blocked person with out Human Right's or Value.

Thank You and Have a Nice day, I look forward to your next visit !!
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