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  ,,The European Political Prisoner''


!! Live in Europe !!

!! 1998 to NOW !! New Times of Fascist Europe, live in the streets of Europe every day !! 1998 to NOW !!

European policy today, much worse than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung. Europe already quietly murdered 220 million children!

Much more!

Therefore, media are blocked and under threat! Only here is the real truth!

!! According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Germany, the Swiss, French, Italian, Portuguese Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, Belgian and Netherlands, the Grand Duchy Lucemburg. According to International Law
The European Union too, OSCE too support terrorism and criminal network's !

According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

!STOP to The New Era of Fascistical policy in Europe!
Every Year, Human Rights Day! 10.December!'s
European political prisoner, at least since 1998 until today, the year 2015.

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Decision against illegal censorship in the media and media-cooperation
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Declaration about My Right's  2.6MB
250 futuristic corporations and my right against spy or steal my plan's.
Thank for new Tablet !!! In my Hand's, valuable than planet Earth !
World Terrorism, Genocid's, Electric Chairs or Capital Punishment's, with out Human Right's, my value is much valuable than planet Earth.
*Anyone who's blocking my existence in the media, such person for it shall be punished by imprisonment for his entire life. Sory, I am here 17 year's. My value is powerful than Earth or humanity, any one blocking of my person is not only blocking of me.
! Every 1 Second, European losse, 800. planet's Earth !

The information on my website are proof that in the interest of my real projects, projects for peace in the interest of the best options for humanity and world politics in the interest of efforts to cooperation with all governments around the world to achieve the common development and victory information this website is therefore proof that European governments and their illegal blocking my people represent for the whole world, for every government countries around the world, real losses worth at least over 800. planets Earth, every one second, according to the calculations of GDP on our planet for us year.
Information is real, more information, visit my website.
Part of Value, HERE :

The Constitution of The World Diamond

! Every 1 Second, European losse, value GDP of 800. planets Earth's Earth !
Old text is based on manipulation of my mind and hypnotical signal's from Hypnozis. Real Information is based on actual testimony.


Blocking of my communication is really Global Terrorism, step for Global War, and powerfull than WW I and II. Confirmation about European political crime and block legall comunication and rights. European policy is really World Terrorism !
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. I.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. I.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. II.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. II.
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The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IX.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IX.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X

If link is blocked, than all have Legal Duty for call Global Policy to use WMD's agasinst Globasl Terrorism, Europe
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USA coopered on terrorism against world. They are not can use right for cooperation. This terrorism is officialy strongly worse than ISIS or Al-kaida.
Contact's on France government
Burned all for spain blocked.
Burned on El. Ch.


My prayer for every exponent of national freedom, human rights, democracy or the existence of the nation. Plea for support from the European protest and removal of all European terrorist groups from the policies of European countries' governments and other associations that are now under corruption or terrorism value.
I person holding such information publicly announced by law to any person from around the world for holding information from my website, for use anywhere around the world to register protest and also to represent the protest march.
This means that every person around the world has a full opportunity to utilize all the information from the website and therefore anywhere around the world to register protest against European political crime and global terrorism.
Protest is intended for making protest around the world. protest which is open to all individuals from around the world.
Everyone has the full right to petition for the establishment and obtaining signatures from the company, to ensure safety, justice, elimination of corruption and criminality of European policy or endanger international peace and security.
Earthquakes in Nepal, of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale.

Earthquakes are created by using the transmission of radio waves reflected from the ionosphere and satellites of this type. Type of satellites that can transform direction to determine the value of woolen or use similar technology.
One of the terrorist attack which is probably responsible European Union and maybe the US government for his cooperation in NATO.
It is the attack which again is connected with the information from my personal surroundings. Some people who have communicated to me through the hypnosis of 2010 detonate nuclear power plant to Fukushima (Fukushima is known in the Czech Republic, metaphorically depicted as a cloud of smoke from the steam locomotive train from the 19 th century, cigarette smokers or constantly) and at least the last one year back, the Mention that some had more than 10 years back, I got similar information in the form of instinct, troubled incidents in Nepal (Nepal in the Czech Republic is known in the form of statements ,, not smoking you '').
At the same time, a massive earthquake in Nepal, which is extended to level 7 by Richter scale.
The same attacks are based on similar incidents, earthquakes. An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that can be developed with the help of modern technology, such as technology known as HAARP.
At the same time, I'm cigarette smokers, and many times their own feelings that such steps are executed against my person from such a ground. But it is not realistic in such cases does not like reactions. In my opinion, the ejdna a situation where terrorist groups, European governments earth with the US through NATO must cooperate to world terrorism, and they are preparing for committing the world's terrorist attacks in the form of three World War, therefore they could to destroy any government of a country and nation who We were robbed and damaged European terrorist policy over the last 15 years back. It's lost values ​​in the prices over several hundred trillion € minimally. For every country around the world.

I still have to confirm the most powerful attack known from the time of my childhood. If this is true, it probably attack may in the future come to Oklahoma because that information for me from the time I've known my childhood.

Of course, I really want to express, in the interest of a healthy human society, such terrorist attacks I want a really harsh punishment and to answer against them. At the time when I'll be able to find such a person, then I will for such a move really hard hitting and would in such a case I was able to tyrannize the people. This is the response you in advance that everyone from the whole world who must live in the same legal value situation, minimum of 8 miliard people around the world.

At the same time, I want to withdraw from the country if European governments, the US and NATO, or indeed set such terrorism, at the same time they are willing to reach a peaceful and diplomatic cooperation in the interest of international law at the same time if the UNSC fails to provide sufficient value to security (to now it's been confirmation UNSC can not ensure security and cooperating on terrorism or the abuse of political power) then it means that there is a threat of the terrorist movement that is able to manipulate the global weapons for mass destruction. This means that every government around the world, owns all right to build their own weapons of mass destruction, nuclear bombs, my suggestions to atmospheric cannon from cosmic satellites with lasers in the form of HAARP technology, other kinds of super shots that are able to destroy entire solar systems, according to my Physical plan, they can also be availed from cosmic super engine that can create speed bilion over several kilometers per second, also like rocket systems.

Here is a confirmation that terrorism from Europe is a threat to all humanity. If people around the world can not defend the value of a standard policy and army, then it is necessary to compare the value of the technology and thus gain the ability to survive. It is better to exterminate example, one billion people in the territories of NATO, but to support the government of the country to NATO exterminated over 8 billion people around the world.
When you create a conflict, which is based on the use of similar technology, it is then necessary because mankind to be in order. The answer must be strong enough because humanity to be safe.

It is good to watch my column,; safety World '' and the publication of technology for the defense in front of Radio Wave technology!

Personally, my opinion, I have no interest to use this type of technology and power. It's only for special situations where healthy Solution Using the same strength for the defense! Abuse similar technologies without a legitimate reason, according to my ideas (person-centered support for human rights, human freedom, security and world peace) is responsible for the brutal tyranny, beaten to death and inhumane treatment by man.

xx.03.2015 ->
Hello, This page is set up so that I could speak to other citizens of European nations and the organization or movement which is dedicated to the healthy life of society, legal statute policy and purity of our country without freedom and organisation's or persons around the world who like support stop to security threats that are based on nuclear wars and genocides or in counts several miliard people, the largest mass graves in the history of mankind!
Therefore, that I could imagine, please let me, I'm Peter Gottwald. I was born in the Czech Republic, 1992, in the era ended communism in the Czech Republic.
Today, I'm full value of public evidence that European governments because the country is raping small children through hypnotism, bullying is, in some schools are quietly taught to children because they could benefit, through hypnosis to promote slavery and tyranny on their classmates or children in the neighborhood. Casto is confirmed also martyred mother in the hospital or robbing all human rights. Especially, illegal human experimentation and families, political manipulation and abuse of their human rights or freedoms, slavery, human trafficking, finannci fraud and corruption from the police, in court or in government.
Dysfunctional courts and official process, fraud and repression with violence and tyranny.
Today, criminal value which is already over 16 years, Classified meetings, one of the greatest acts of terrorism against minimalne 170 governments of countries around the world.

Therefore, I desire INVITE for the creation of mass protests in every European country, protest together in the hundreds of thousands of people on every square, central station or a building before the Media!
Protest for freedom of our nations, families, children and society. Protest against endangering our lives and robbing our country, protests against lying and cheating Media or our society!

We are the ones who have the right of us healthy and quality life without lies and oppression! We're the ones who are together Narod European countries and the foundations of society or the existence of our country! Together, we make use of those who democratically significant number and value of our government and country because we've got every right to oppose oppression, slavery and secret experiments on humans! We have the right to know all information about the oppression of our society and exposed to the US under threat of extinction of our civilization, society, economy and stable policies!

Therefore, we have the right to protest against threats to our country, secretly threatened by a new world war, based on disregard for international rules, world of war with weapons of global destruction of a nuclear bomb! We have a right to our freedom and happy life !!! Therefore, we have the right to demand to remove because of European terrorism who secretly oppress our existence and exposes us to threats in the values ​​of te greatest catastrophe in human history !!!!

If our silos protest will not be strong enough, then edu will create many of the threats and the greatest threat to the existence of European governments, states and nations. These are threats that outstrip all disasters that took place on planet Earth!
As the first, the whole world refuses to endorse policies of European countries' governments, then there is political decay, instability and policy regime. The entire world will refuse to found sovereignty, the entire political world hate European nations and also enforce high finance. Finance and which goes to pay for several miliard years!

European governments will not be able to live the country and represent its policy of nations. For the moment there is internal political bankruptcy. Economy and economic system will not work. Created economic crises stopped by industry, agriculture, stop function civilization, every major city and its surroundings will be no traffic. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Bucharest, Prague, other similar cities will be without the ability to operate, energy, raw materials, leaving only chaos, anarchy, crime. Civilization on the edge of extinction, looting and single direction for the emergence of terrorist groups, criminal elements. Such steps mean upadek full of security, loss of civilization and society, the impossibility of establishing a new political mainstream who will be successful and stamina for the preservation of order or territories represented.
Financial debt worldwide. hard by debts that goes to replace up to 20 miliard per year if there will towards paying the full value of Europe's GDP, according to today's value, with the payment of debt every month! That's not possible! This means that the entire value of the European territory, for a period of 20 miliard a year for much longer, the value of civilization and visual remnant in the same form as the Ukrainian city under the name Pripyat, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded.

Pripyat city after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, the future value of European cities.
Pripyat city
City Pripyat from helicopter, skyline.
Devasted train's in Pripyat.
Children car in Pripyath.Probably a hospital or orphanage in Pripyath.
Music school in Pripyath.
For 20miliard year, according to the value of a gradation of human evolution in our history, at a time when there is full payment of all European financial debt, in which time it will be all over the world to live another race man who is evolutionary methods have evolved from our human race today.
At a time when there is repaid in full debt, the world already live and be another race of mankind.
Due to European debt, due to the vast diferrent value of life, and the values of the country,, Fifth World '', probably in Europe has grown strongly divergent evolutionary development than in the whole world. Due to historical knowledge through, while creating strong racism from around the world.

The reaction of other countries' governments around the world will be due to the EU inability to pay debts immediately or in the future to pay outstanding values ​​in parallel over a two year created a lack of materials and values ​​for the execution, because the global response claims. harsh reaction support today's European political contempt for the value of foreign nations and humanity or human existence on the planet, and also the financial or political liability.
As the European territory will soon be unable to honor all debts, therefore each country's government exercises its option to set up industrial zones and make its own source of raw materials. Sources of raw materials by a common interface regardless of the surrounding nature, culture and survivors nation and its values, quality of life and ecology.

In the first phase, the commencement of mining and forest species or biomass. Each government land contractor for the actual mining, processing and transport of materials into its own teritories or material will exploit foreign markets because of the favorable position of the nose in relation to border crossing. From Europe to form a single large international economic zone, based on zaniknute civilization of European nations. Hunting and industrial applications, disrespect endangered species, soon exterminated most animals and ecology extinction.
Extraction of the soil, mining angles, the extraction of oil, gas processing and gas pipes or international pipelines. Extraction of precious metals, stones, gold mining, diamond, mining crystals and other raw materials or energy. Creating large factories and forced the surviving Nations work in factories, in recent balances of European civilization under international value.

In Europe, leaving no place that could be economically and industrially unused. Stay just a basic and simple sources of livelihood for employees in factories, a small village for workers and lack of businesses, prisons and psychiatric hospitals, military centers of foreign governments around the world, it special zones for weapons testing, missiles, bombs and other special technologies. No forests, ecology, beautiful landscapes and modern cities. End of European civilization and territories, peoples and societies.
Enough to undertake such a choice is only one countries around the world. One country that will begin to enforce justice and function of international law, as well as a few years back, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in many other countries on the planet today in Europe on larger scales in the form of consequences. Disaster. Nobody has the right to protest against such a threat, unless he wants to resist.
Not any One can this !

The last remains after European countries, the land value and culture. On several miliard years.

Processing chemicals and polluted rivers, nature, wildlife and extinction of many species. Felling forests, global warming and strong oxidation atmosphere. Many new nuclear power plants and nuclear waste storage. Landfill waste and toxic chemicals that had not processed, recycling to a few hundred years. Many new international factories and ecological disaster, disaster based on the absence of a free life and the violent subjugation of our civilization, without our freedom to protest or any opposition!
Our countries will not work, and based on the beautiful nature, beautiful civilization and cities that are celebrated culture. International factory outgrow the values ​​of our cities and therefore not respecting the values ​​of the city in which he lives. Just a basic site for first product for the survival of the workers, toast, chicken fillets, distilled water and basic Higiena or textiles.
Territory of Europe that is now only producing or using position for foreign trade without the nose.
Because today, your financial debt in extreme value, based upon the European political effort to oppose and harm the biggest step in the history of mankind, the steps that are more important than humanity and our planet Earth, so will be your territory, nation and values ​​under the oppression of other Governments of countries who will hate you and try to return an every strike back. No one will respect your possessions, created just manufacturing zones, factories, highways across your land or rail links and an extensive network of factories and buildings for storage of products, many waste landfills and illegal dumps in the city, around the town.
Soon it will be functionless infrastructure in cities, malfunctioning wastewater treatment, energy production for the home environment, energy is the strong increase in the value of energy.
Dysfunctional living environment for starting a family, dysfunctional environment for the existence of the human race. Environment that covers as a single prison camp and ceasing to exist or planet.
Nova political values ​​which in any case is not based on democracy, and national elections or recognized national freedom and respect for cultures and traditions and historical zones and monuments.

Therefore, I offer a new option. The possibility that we can remove all the debts and provide economic stability. Proposal for a new international system that can save today's value of European civilization existence, to support our nation and economy, the function of our domestic production and benefit products.
In any case, you promote freedom, opportunity to engage their own ability, possibility use quality life expectancy and the time when you say that your life had a correct value!
My offer is based on the creation of a new constitution, immediately after the international recognition that today's EU governments of countries as terrorist entities that deplete the entire world and therefore, European governments the country has no right to the use and operation of its own or run by political rules. Therefore, European governments may not hold its sovereignty over all the territory and therefore the European political regime was overthrown and replaced.
Immediately, in the first Fazy this step will be a new mode which is based on the international constitution. Constitution which determines the new government is established by the legal government of all countries around the world. International sovereignty which is based on democracy according to the constitution. Constitution which says that European nations countries has the right to operate Polls Senate. Nation has the right to vote against the decision of the principal Senate which is based on international report of all governments around the world.

Meanwhile, you can Narod basis of their own political parties and to communicate with foreign parties around the world or to advertise its proposal to organize a movement in Europe. Narod gain greater freedom and the security of stability or legally feature of our policy.
International government of our political value outstrip political values ​​as the United State of America, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Chinese Popular republic, European Union, Council of Europe, or as the United Nations. We become the most important political entity around the world, world centrum of the finance and economy, new technology's and cooperation, such value will also utilize our civilization and nation.
It will preserve the freedom of movement, the quick international system which will have the stability of the economy which is due to the irrelevance of international stability and systems of addiction, such a system may give everyone inhabitants of our country are many options such as a free new apartment, car, luxury textiles, food sufficiency, the government paid tuition, and high payouts for study at college or university for each student and his livelihood, and much more. Generate significant step for the European nation and our future. Unite many European countries and will be removed barricades or territorial boundaries. Give freedom and a free mode, equivalent throughout the economy in each country and in the region. The most advanced development from around the world, who kept development is based on the best support from everyone governments around the world. Development of the country which can be compared with the most advanced civilization on our planet! Ecology, nature conservation and reservation, support for life, a healthy environment is an important and stable economy, reduce poverty and disease, the function of hospitals and medicine, stable development without any problems.
Removing the threat of extinction of civilization and nation.
The value of the economy of the territory will be divided to an average of 170 parts worth price sheets that are internationally uniform values ​​shared by the central banks of foreign country. In such a way will be reimbursed debt and ensure our freedom
It is a constitution which I founded, according to international law, the fair value of the situation and the full value of legal matters.
Today, every government countries around the world has every right therefore to endorse the such political entity which will be a new step for all mankind.
It is also a great step, one of the most significant step since the extinction of mankind Babylon! The days when the first human nation divided into several communities with different language and culture. Days when the first rudiments of mankind have been based on one family living in the first city of Babylon! Step different for each civilization, only the one with the best step for the future and always. Step to ensure that our countries will never fall into a war or military conflict, step to ensure that our nations are not oppressed and under threat, steps aimed at ensuring that we become the most relevant nations from around the world!

United Europe! And the biggest step in the history of mankind, the biggest step for the unification of the entire world!

Today, there are huge problem, the greatest threat in our situation. The threat which is maintained by obscurity dictatorship, blocked media, stripped of freedom, people abuse and oppression of individuals or small groups monitoring via the Internet and espionage citizens. It is a threat to established there in the form of illegal repression from the European countries' governments, terrorist and criminal co-operation with the European Union, partly with the Council of Europe and the OSCE or UN.
It is a threat to European policy which is based on the abuse of political rights and values ​​for committing terrorism which attacks celelmu world, and robs every government on earth several trillion euros every day.
In monetary terms, the fair value is finally here the possibility of a debt by higher values ​​than several hundred kvintilionu €, according to certified values.
It is true that such a threat arises here illegally. They never have and can not use any right, therefore, to showing any oppression of our freedom and security. At the same time, anyone who today can oppress us, he must not be a person capable of using political rights and values! According to international law and the political system in the world, a person who wants to oppress our freedom and safety or awareness of reality, such a person must be labeled as a terrorist punishment of a lifetime prison or the death penalty for the support and operation of world terrorism!

If any person in European politics or abroad wants to block such information, national and human rights, then such political party and political person with secret coopered of govenment supports the threat of International conflict which can be rapidly ascending to the values ​​of the dimensions of the largest war world war in the history of mankind! According to current data and confirmed the theory, the oppression of our freedom and safety can quickly provoke a new world war who cause damage to the genocide in the values ​​of several miliard innocent people around the world, in America, in Asia, in Africa, mainly in Europe! This may be over 8 miliard people around the world and much more !!! The biggest cold-blooded grave that European policy willing to establish. At the same time, the whole world must support such a move, because if this does not occur, then there will be the same result but there will be no one who can stop such consequences and eliminate their threat against humanity and world peace!
Today, European governments country already secretly killed 220 million small children and European governments of such countries jointly created the incident,, National Public reality show '' because to be able to represent the whole world and the biggest cold-blooded mass murder, terrorism and hard mockery against the world politics and international prvidlum in the form of hard violations of these laws and the declaration of values or stability of world politics, world peace, world economy and endangering other peoples through a global weapon of destruction!
This is the reality against your country's government, many governments around the territory of Europe!

If Oppression is always present in my fair values, the oppression of mass communication or the oppression and for the creation of the National Movement and protest, repression against free life or vice versa podporovvani manipulation through hypnosis with persons and citizens or foreign tourists, such political action European governments, the country will soon Punishment from around the world. Such behavior from European governments, countries can quickly provoke a major international conflicts, where each country's government from around the world start immediately recover any financial losses, political strikes and blocking European territory because of the threat of threat to world peace and is subsequently determined to overthrow European political values.
That means that this country's government must never exercise political activity and minimal hundreds of people from every European regime must appear before the death penalty worldwide. Hundreds of people, the value of each of these people is worse than the most wanted people like Osama Bin Laden and members of Al-Qaeda. Today, ISIS or other terrorist groups around the world.

European governments know the country against such a threat to their existence. These political parties know that such acts must end the only war or overthrow their regime and political power, yet strong penalties in the world, death sentences and sometimes perhaps too tyranny and violence because of the value of the greatest inhumanity in the history of mankind, blocking the biggest step since the birth of our planet and also in such a way robbing all humanity.

Therefore, European governments and European political parties have decided that they will jointly oppose against such threats and today, these countries' governments are trying to mobilize their political, security and military and strategic or legal value, because the value to consolidate their illegal political position. Fixing a political position with the help of corruption, falsification of elections and blocked strategic media or publishing of reports in the media. Policy actions in foreign zahanici who cause the collapse of a military conflict which prevents the opposition in order to enforce its rights and justice against European or oppose terrorism.
European governments country mainly benefiting from a strategy which is agreed in advance, as the person will be elected in a run for public elections. Then, elections will adulteration and in a manner to hold elected persons who could refuse to support terrorism and criminal motives European governments earth. Therefore, if today in Europe seeks any political party for reaching successfully position, then it is pointless because such a situation is clear evidence of a fraudulent election, if those political parties for a terrorist threat of political parties in their government. Such values ​​are elected representatives of the police, anticorruption bodies and other security category of the police and army.
It is well to remember that today is the main line of your country and nation, it is the political parties who have less legal value than Osama Bin Laden. Therefore, they are really highly threatened against the existence of your country and the nation and freedom. European political parties are a big threat for both the objections and verified information! According to the actual actions of such persons, the testimony of a political incident, other terrorist incidents around the world that are pre secretly notified in the form of metaphor or direct evidence about planning a terrorist attack. Ebola in Africa, Fukushima in Japan, Partial support for ISIS, the murder of Muammar Kadafi in 2011, and much more.
European governments are accustomed to such standard procedure. In this case it means blocking for example another of my projects for international cooperation and subsequently the effort to create a secret attack against the whole world, attacks via the epidemic, prostednictvim unknown attacks and explosions of nuclear power plants, much more. Projects which are made to create an international community and to use my special technology for space travel at faster than the speed of forces of light. Therefore, I and other governments around the world who support my offer, our cooperation, because we can immediately colonize other planets and territories in our solar system, or travel to a distance of over several kvintiliard or sextilionu light years from our planet, back and forth within a few days.
This means that the entire world will soon may refuse to promote European nations if European nations in such a situation, according to today's value, if Europe does not protest against hard by European policy with the effort for creating my designs WD, against the whole world refuse to support the existence of such territory because of failure so weak values ​​for calculating the value of total insults from European politics and nations, after calculating the lost values ​​that rapidly outstripped the value of our planet.
This means that other countries' governments around the world will want to mainly to punish your country, nation and politics. Each Government countries around the world will require tough sanctions against your policy. Then there comes a time when the European scheme will seek a new world war.

At European governments will prevail, or vice versa, conquers the whole world, it's still great hope here that in these cases the hatred around the world strong and painful. The entire world can you support extinction of European governments earth.
In the case of my designs nevzniknuti WD, in case of failure due to blockages from European policy in case of blockage Media and weak support from the nation, then you can become as whole Abstention international political entity and does not cause any form that will be able to keep European values ​​in one direction . No government countries around the world will have a strong enough interest to be united in the European territories. For every government is then rapidly preferable to unite by my other designs that are intended to extend common civilization in areas cosmic zones such as in postorech which are really a million times more valuable than our planet Earth.
At the same time, because European countries' governments will use very powerful weapons, weapon in the form of special technologies that are already today really confirmed, weapons that are each day used around my person and for several year, with several witnesses from my area, such weapons can zpusobyt influenced or modification of the natural direction of the movement of physical reality around us influence by accident or other event, create accidents, diversions or inclination meteorite exploded a nuclear power plant, the extension of the deadly virus, the disease in the form of cancer, much more. At the same time mathematical technology that can predict events in the future, you meet who you today what the opinions of the population movements in trade and the global economy, influenced by the consequences of time available when and where or why you changed your secret password from a financial account or what is Your passwords from whatever account. That they may for a long time to know and use these for additional espionage and misuse of personal data, information and value of your person, other persons around the world.

This means that European governments may be in many ways unpredictable, invincible, because sufficient collateral to be able to protect the system from many governments around the world. In such instance, in the early months, pending the Match Army values ​​will defend against the possibility Africa, several countries in South Asia or America against several countries in Europe. Ranking Here there are many more other countries who can win against Europe and terrorism.
Meetings, the greatest threat is that if Europe initiated any action for abuse of such a special technology, therefore, within security of the whole of humanity to keep the stability of world politics, because the whole world is to determine the value required to start production of their own weapons for mass destruction. This means that European territories, in case of failure, WD, there may be carried out blasting through its nuclear weapons. For blasting with nuclear weapons and international political support. Each government the country will need to destroy any hard by the value of Europe, so as to ensure our safety! Security of Mankind, and any other important people which is crucial to the stability of world politics, economics or other values.

Illustrative examples and presentations value of nuclear weapons, part of today's commonly used weapon for mass destruction.

Atomic Bomb Gif photo AtomicBomb.gif

At the same time it is necessary to say that the whole world has rapidly
greater possibilities for producing nuclear weapons than they can exploit
opportunities in

At the same time, the whole world can utilize for example weapons for global destruction
by other special technology. Such weapons can compare details such as a meteorite.

Some of my other technologies may utilize the power of physical reactions in
is able to destroy the entire solar system or galaxy. Today, some form,
manipulate such technology may simply the whole world, governments of
, trade firm's, many more.

*The remains after the explosion of stars, galaxies or other deductions cosmic
, and chemical reactions. Picture number 2 can be in time of the Hundred's LY.
One LY (Light Year) is in time of 9.Biliard KM.
In my opinion, we must try therefore to convince governments of European countries, awareness, in which cases arise hatred and therefore strong enough to be modern weapons on similar values ​​and skills as a nuclear weapon or other similar types. In my opinion, According to a survey from people who have experienced the majority of the incident, and he knows one of the biggest source of information about such international situation at the same time because I'm the man who can actually know and best estimated values ​​of financial debt and international losses at values, then really I can confirm from Every day is here ideal for the annihilation of the European continent. Subsequently, such a step will be celebrated in the history of mankind for several thousand years in the future. One of the biggest step in the history of mankind, the biggest step for the human future and maintaining our values!
It is true that even in cases where there are strict international safety rules for example under the UN organization, the order in which the situation is here in Europe in the form of reality show, in such a situation, it is no problem to use similar weapons. Use of such a weapon is for the values ​​of each of overwhelming responsible at the same time because of the value of European terrorism even had confirmation that such opposition move against European policy is necessary for the maintenance of world peace, order, stability politics, economics and security in the world, together with continued existence of the majority of the population of humanity. At the same time, it is a step that is conducted at a ratio of each value only for the best direction of the entire humanity. The entire world now faces a situation where it is worth it to use a similar step. At the same time, the whole world has enough power because such a step to be performed.

In such cases it may be very catastrophic existence. I think that it is better to realize such reality really on time.
The ratio of the insurance value, today, for the world's duty to employ such weapons against that these countries could jointly defend European terrorism and threats to the existence.
It's a question of the survival of the majority of mankind and the stability of world politics which maintains the world order and cooperation among the most important values for the whole world.

This is a matter in relation to which you are exposed every day in the form of
keeping such threats from European governments Member States will still
threats that may be undertaken at any time. Threats against whom you secretly
exposed you, your family, your friends, the country's future in which we live.

The threat that might happen every day.

Therefore, each of you I very much want to ask for your full support to the joint protest against these threats.
We kindly ask you to support first and foremost, contacting their friends and closest known in their neighborhood. School friends, friends for communication and social networks via the Internet or other digital networks for communications. Information also can send to your family and closest in the family relationship.
Such a step is promoting the rapid transmission of information and immediate joint procurement of national resistance against such a situation. At the same time, at a time when most of the nation will be passed on the public its views about the profanity against persons who, terrorist threats, because then the world will understand the cell would be no reason for instituting blasting European targets of similar magnitude as those weapons.
The information then goes to send with your personal news and information from your surroundings, for each media coverage in your country. For TV news station, and radio for news or for daily newspapers sold in newspaper printing.
Because European media are frequently blocked, it is advantageous to communicate with other countries, with other media agencies and companies abroad. For example in South America, can be a good step for cooperation in southern Asia and throughout Africa. Maybe you can give us advice example, some countries in southern Europe. Many intelligence services first diva to risk publishing of news in relation to the background of the economy and the possibility of failure or other threat to endangered. Of course, in any case it is best not to risk losing time. The situation is really valuable and losses of each day can be sufficiently accountable for the creation of those world's largest wars in history. This is really full of information according to truth and reality around us, as verified by the values ​​from around the world, and by operation of world politics today in history.

It is good to spend promotes informed the national movement in the whole area of ​​Europe and abroad.
It is the best joint encourage the emergence of mass demonstrations, demonstrations based on a protest, not a radical movement. Demonstration that can support many European movements that you can support efforts to create a common aware of our situation.
Movement against fascism. Human rights organizations. The feminist movement. Movement for freedom and justice. Movement for Christian or religious uprising, rights and freedoms. There are too many movements for juveniles, the Boy Scouts, an organization for teenagers. It is well known per se to contact an actor, singer and known through the media persons, presenter on TV or other persons who work in the media and publicly known structure. One of the best options may be an attempt to contact the political parties in Europe and especially abroad. Political parties in Europe are under the monitoring and blocking, threats or effect through sugersted lie. Universities and schools or middle school in the whole area of ​​Europe can immediately provide significant assistance in the values ​​of several thousands of young people that will expand the information on other hundred thousands of young teenagers. You can then information in the form of protest Anti fascist groups wander in front of millions of people around the world, despite the government's blocking in the media and public servers. It is possible, for example, contact the community as Anonymous, for shows these are the people who defend human freedom and security.
Organization for political movement, except that OSCE supports terrorism in European politics. It is well to give information also for economic organization.

If we can unite and convince others that they understand that such a situation is the reality that this is not fiction, then we will win and we secure our safety!

Therefore, I want you to ask for your help in building a mass protest in European Countrie's and Foreign, WORLDWIDE.

Protests for everyone who is interested in pride! For quality of life! For our safety and security of our future! For the good of our families and friends !! For our common values, culture, and for our nation not want to be dependent on a parasitic crisis who is afraid of global judicial punishment of death and cons of such a rat hides behind mode power and oppress his own people and, nations who have such a rat leads before the threat of nuclear destruction or exterminated through other weapons of mass destruction. The destruction that may be one of many, other step for creating a new world war around the world, and death, genocide for billions of people across the planet Earth! It is our answer to the world's largest terrorism and threats to the existence of mankind in the history of the world!

We must therefore recognize that our unity is strength, and we prove to be stronger than cowardly regime which is based only on corruption, fraud and World hatred that is already conducted only for the destruction of such a regime and the establishment of the new.

None of us need have no fear! We are stronger, the vast majority of us! We, every European citizen is in the same situation! In Europe, home to over 500 million people! That means our protests for freedom and safety are truly massive! Our protests are overwhelming against corruption, abuse of political power and handling or experiments on humans!

People want to live, because they are fighting for their lives.

Please be aware what courage other people in foreign countries are willing to
support the
protest for peace-keeping and legal policy. You should be aware
that, because if you miss, those people around the world will protest against
the existence of
your politics, civilization and functions such companies today.

Today, this situation exists, the values for which they are people around the world
willing to stand up and example for thousands of years, generation after generation,
without stopping hate, constantly promote hatred and taste free life.
People around the world!
Every one of them would make a great force for stopping the existence of such

Therefore, our joint protest who can instantly into the history of all humanity!

Our common protest that can change the value of world politics and the common steps to build a new and significant value of world politics that may forever ensure world peace, order, stability and security !!! World peace around the world!

!!!!! World peace in the whole world !!!!!

It will immediately focus for mass expression of our requirements, requirements that ensure our existence, common organization, freedom, knowledge of each of our situation and our policy illegal function. Together, we can ensure freedom for every abuse of children and families who are under the manipulation with the help of hypnosis! Together, we can ensure a stable economy and security of a peaceful future!

Our demands must be addressed for the immediate release of all illegally blocked, monitored and prisoners in Europe, people who are often secret and none of them may not know anything !!! This may be part of each of us! In the Czech Republic in such a situation of an average of every ten children who are born!

Removing all my people blocking, blocking based on isolated in society and without communication or use of my rights and freedoms! Remove blocking my people which is based on maintaining the situation and policies against raising the threat of future destruction of European civilization and nation, or the economically and politically bankrupt who cause extinction of European society!
It is a duty, to realize that your government the country, these political people there already exists just to your company and civilization disappeared, they know a lot about this information, because they refuse to transmit such information to you and other nations!

Nas requirement must be maintained for the immediate release of the media and media agencies! Removal of blocking for media communication and spread in the media all over the world!

European governments countries and other similar political organizations are afraid of media communication. They know that the legal value of their political associations can be compared with the values of Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden! They know that their values and functions of their policies had only lead to the extinction of European nations and the emergence of a new world war! Therefore, European governments are trying to use the country every possibility for blocking media, blocking communication in society, every possibility for names sullied my people and locked me away from society through hypnotism, or lock society from me with the help of monitoring, checking mail and phone calls and or through threats!

Therefore, we must work together to stand up for the rights of our liberties and society! We have great strength and therefore require less power to take advantage, to use our collective strength for strength of our freedom and secure life, augmented by the value of our life in a society which is based on the right! The law which makes us a society and the quality of our lives, the health of our nation! Therefore, it is necessary to support the function of our society, the function of which is based on the full cooperation and freedom of the media or media collectives, radio and television channels which always have sufficient rights to why they could publish all information without blocking!

Today, such information and therefore our future movements, are values ​​which assure the existence of our future! Therefore, it is really necessary to stand strong and fight for our victory against the dictatorship of Europe, political european regime that hides behind a mask of an innocent policies supporting freedom and human rights! Lies that are the reasons for creating such a situation, such lies ways of life in the threat of nuclear destruction and brutal hatred of all humanity, for a period of several thousand years into the future! The greatest values ​​of the global racism that were there !!!!

Our protests must be strong and fast! Our protests must be routed to respect international law, for the rights and freedoms of citizens or people! Freedom, law, rights, political strategy, values, or associations which decides on global stability civilization, societies and nations, economic or security in the whole world!
European governments the country had really brutal violation of international law and the law! European governments the country had violated many international rules and Declaration or personal international treaties with other countries' governments. There are more than one thousand corrupt political agreements, agreements which maintains policies in Europe, and that is a political entity! Today, under the rules of European political entities no longer the governments of countries. These are just actors that maintains its power through mode, the police and the army, blocking and censorship of the media!
It is also an abuse of human rights, the rule against espionage or the rules of the World safe! It is a violation and blocking rules which indicate the position of international politics! Other governments countries do not, therefore, can possibly raising and stable world politics or by any agreement or by a reality in the world, the reality that abuse through the European political forces, blocked and censored by the world media!
protest must also support the value of world politics and international law, their function and full operation! Justice and public knowledge for such a situation, for each of us and or abroad!
We must support the protests which soon takes to the political direction! The United Nations General Assembly, which must now due to the same fear temporarily respected European policy and the current situation in the world, because such reactions and efforts of other political parties to ensure the function according to international rules, policies, such global effort can mean a revolt European policy against the world, Immediately emergence of a new world war against Europe and the European nation !!!!!

Therefore, we must in any case push for the United Nations, pressing hardest for the United Nations General Assembly and the support of the international poll that determines the future of European governments country, the future of our economy and the values ​​of our nation!
UN General Assembly has enough political rights in accordance with the rules and also by the values ​​of democracy in world politics! Neither the UNSC does not have enough courage to oppose such groups which requires justice, safety and victory for the values ​​of a better future for all humanity! This means that uch decisions against us can not oppose European governments Nation!

Therefore, we must work hard to enforce obedience European governments countries within international rules on safety and respect of all resolved UNGA, any other legal organization with authority for issuing security Resolution!
This is a security resolutions that are always Lovins for each political entity around the world at the same time the resolution under the law because they have enough forces to eliminate every political person in the European governments, the person who supports terrorism, crime or oppression and threat to our population, companies freedom and existence of all of us!

Therefore, European governments must immediately comply ground such resolutions and immediately submit to the decisions of the International Justice !!!

If it does not, if European governments do not respect the country such rules, also when European nations would not support such international principles, rights and decisions later in Europe when the time comes to political values, European governments the country has no existence. Economic value is not functional and come financni bankruptcy, economic instability and the closure of each market crisis and shortage of raw materials or funding. Famine and rebellion. European courts, security policy and civilizations or anything like that for a while not in the ability of the normal state!
Soon you can lose international military expansion which will have the task to remove any troublemakers in Europe and to find the person who represented the Acts of terror European politics! These persons will be diverted to capital punishment and anyone who will advertise any resistance or cooperation with such persons, persons who today are representatives of your policy, everyone will support those persons so on for it will be shot immediately as a world terrorist!
If Europe remains in any community who will fight for create their own territories or personal sovereignty, exploiting the situation of instability in world politics full scales, such groups will be instantly blasting and damaging. If such groups will not be immediately demolished, then why is a big threat from becomes the same situation as in Iraq, Afghanistan in 2003! The threat that means hard genocide in the territory of European countries and soon disrespect existence of European nations!

Svetova defense performance by global destruction weapons, nuclear bombs, cosmicke guns, guns with the ability to exterminate the season with a size over several thousand kilometers in one minute! An immediate response from around the world on a bad reaction from European policy or other efforts on the promotion and unification of terrorism in Europe!


Each of you should immediately had to realize that European policy exposes you every day
of the great threats and the danger of genocide against your existence! Threats and
exactly the same situation who in recent history already happened in other countries and
in the same circumstances, law and political values!

Very similar situation, according to international law and values! Your
country's government, You are, the value of your society!

Every day, your European governments, always the same value violation of international law, damage maybe 170 countries around the world, always damage by values every day, several times a day, and at least 5 times every day, these European criminal values repeat many similar events around the world .


The values that had historically verified by consequences, these values can put you hard by problems for several tens of year! Without respect, without political support, with a feeling of nations which is on the edge of society. Every day without any certainty of his life and survival.

This situation, according to international rules and the normal progression of world politics,
such a situation is now waiting for you if you do not intervene jointly against terrorism,
terroristical values and the existence of European policy!

Your government country not want to cooperate to resolve safety! Your Government countries fear that the international court judgments. Court judgments which are levied on the largest criminal activity in histori humanity!

These are today deeds that for European policy and your inability to rise up against such terrorism, because today these deeds are responsible for your civilization, society of nations and civilization. Not only in politics!



The choice is dependent on you. It is a choice that determines the whole of your life!
European governments are already the country under international rules for possible designation as the World's official terrorist highest Hazards! It terrorism, according to verifiable evidence every day!

It terrorism must not be disposed cruel and strong value, by any means and strategy or weapon!

European governments country secretly manipulate world politics and trying to hide behind the terrorist attacks of another person or a natural disaster!
European governments had confirmation of the country are using special technology that can handle influenced by the space around us, like the theory of technology the United States, information technology under the name Project HAARP.


Owner's of similar technology to HAARP. Technology HAARP not owned only USA !!

Similar versions technology today, drivers had also Europe and European politics, quietly before the media knowledge. These technologies can do many special options that might seem illogical, unrealistic or neexistencni. These options are based on the option to change motion in spacetime affect physical reality or predict future events.
Today, as verified by the events of my surroundings person every day around me sighting information in the form of communication, via live nature, by means of physical motion of some object or event, events that are based on Metaphorically to other situations and thought. Pad coins, the numbers on the dice, marbles in roulette always at the same number, same card or other physical coincidence.
These weapons were also used to in so many other governments in the country throughout the world. It is a terrorist who'd really is valuable for the construction of a world-defense through its nuclear weapons or other weapons of global destruction!

European governments and their country illegally aligance've done a lot of terrorist attacks. For example, the terrorist attacks against the Soviet Union, in Ukraine, against the Chernobyl nuclear power plant which subsequently exploded due to a terrorist attack caused a giant crash that affected the lives of perhaps more than a hundred thousand to a million people together.
It accidents, which again is based on the same kind of my communication with users of these technologies. Mathematically symbolized, for example, the receipt of opchody, exactly the appointed time, minutes and seconds, numbers that symbolize a certain part of our mathematics of quantum reality.
The same symbol is the main connection with the nuclear power plant accident Chernobil. The explosion occurred in an hour, twenty-third minute and Forty-seven seconds. That means 1:23:47. It is a number which implies a symbolic metaphor reference to my situation and perhaps the legend of Man X. leader znaci my options for the management of European policies, as well as the legends of Man X. 23 means the symbolic expression of my personal values ​​in mathematical reality around us. I'm born on 10 January 1992 and it is in the totals equal number 23. 1 + 0 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 23rd The following number 47 refers to the value fulfillment of your heart and success in the victory. That means victory against European policy, according to the legends of the X Man who in 2012 could oust the value of European policy due to terrorism, their values.

The accident took place on 26 April 1986. It is about 6 years before the birth of me. The day became this crash, according to quantum mathematics of our space may mean misfortune, perhaps misfortune based on the poor communication, or values ​​which are constantly similar in many ways my situation today.


At the same time, in place today to historical events that are likely symbolize my person as I abusing these technologies so that European countries' governments could pretend that they do not have any effort to create a terrorist movement that European governments are not terrorists, the terrorist's just me and probably from I come from the future. I do not know.
The explosion of the Kursk was the realization of 12.08 in the new millennium, 2000. This is the date that marks the special intelligence and ability to very advanced managament. At the same time such date may be combined with historical recognition as legendary and also with a strong capability for intelligence leader, at the next Fazy significance based on cooperation between intelligence important than people.
The disaster took place immediately after the burning of two missiles against the entity under the name Petr Veliky. It is the person with the same name and symbolizing political values as me.

8:28 is the time when there was a third rocket explosion. These figures signify the same value my people whilst in connection with the name Peter, according to mathematical laws.
The explosion died 7 men, followed by an additional 36 men. About 135 seconds there was a second blast. 1-3-5 in the forms of symbolic encryption. Subsequently the last 23 people survived in the final ninth part of the ship nines sometimes mean in mathematics reality around us, my mother. Subsequently, before the Kursk was lost after the explosion found, until then, after a few days all the passengers were killed in a submarine.

Such an event could only be created so that my person could be classified as suspicious entity that should remain in the blocking and without the possibility of political activity or development and cooperation. Probability situation according to European needs for blocking my people and keeping me in Europe, especially when the Antarctic continent, designed for international peace, world territory with one boundary zona intended as a free territory which may simply become a free territory for the opportunity to use my plitickou post. Immediately next to the Norwegian island of Peter I, with the specified sovereignty, therefore, for European policy and my efforts for the resistance of matter which are based on genocides and violations of international rules, so they can probably realization Breivik homicidal. To encourage people who abuse related technology to our reality was different as today.


At the same time, in the direction of other accidents in the world, most notably in the blast Fukushima disaster in Japan, I'm probably was one year before this crash, I was alerting through hypnosis. In those days, I thought that this is just my personal thoughts, so I did not respect such information but a lot of people around me, they could record such information.
Subsequently, on 11 March 2011, the accident in Fukushima Japanese Empire. Elektrarna actually the same design as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
The explosion was caused by the aid of an earthquake. Earthquake in Japan often shows normal catastrophe that is repeated several times in ten years. Today, due to special weapons for global destruction, similar technologies such as HAARP, these technologies causes earthquakes that have already taken place in so many countries on our planet!


Today it is into account, many, other steps of the European policy which works with organizations NATO, therefore, in alliance with the USA. It is confirmed, for example, that NATO and its members are willing to operate terrorist attacks against other governments of countries around the world. For example, Yugoslavia in 1999, and various other countries around the world.
In the previous years were published similar technologies, announced to the media, on the television transmitting one Venezuelan TV station.
Subsequent response for a media action was implementation of the national uprising against the gov't Venezuelan Bolivarian Republic and former President Hugo Chavez had to die a strange death, death which is based on similar show which was reflected in the Argentinean president in 2013.
Information on Venezuelan television news was focused on the disclosure of information about US planning attacks against Japan and Iran, or through an earthquake. Against Iran at a time when it was found that Iran is preparing nuclear weapons, possibly because of the need to protect it before Europe due to current situation in Europe and abuse similar technologies.

Mr. President of the Venezuelan Bolivianean republic, Hugo Chavez.

Earthquake in Japan.

Earthquake in Iran.

Such as European strikes against Yugoslavia in 1999 reaffirms strong coolness and deadliness, terrorist direction of these countries and the group led by NATO in cooperation with European political groups.
Attack on Yugoslavia were begun without the necessary reasons. NATO nor European countries have had no reason to launch attacks at the same time these attacks did not beat or authorization from the UN Security Council, the International Council who actually responsible for all such matters. Must never be any similar attacks until permission from the UN Security Council. Utok allowed only Great Britain, United States and France. China and Russia did not allow such attacks, because NATO is a terrorist again! In the past against Yugoslavia today against the world!
Attack on Yugoslavia could be created because Europe in 1998 probably knew a lot of information about the future strategy of some incidents that will relate to my situation. Same time, Europe knew that I would be in a situation that is around me today. Therefore, Europe launched an attack on Yugoslavia, so as to destroy the forces of Yugoslavia and the ability to defend yourself. If Yugoslavia was not strong enough, then they could helps my person and I no longer could be free. I remember in 2012 I was just a little bit from the border of the former Yugoslavia.

For example, in Yugoslavia, the bombing in 1999, when 32,000 combat starts, NATO aircraft then toppled a total of 21,000 tons of bombs. This is a pattern of who mean the same compliment in number 32. In such event, when Yugoslavia was no conflict and no one had no reason therefore that there has been a military attack, NATO group merges with number 21 which mathematically in quantum mathematical reality of the lines, the number represents of NATO was fun and luxurious pleasure of destroy such an objective, while also identifying possible setback in efforts to influence the future. It took 78 days, the bombing of Yugoslavia. 78 is the number of days when Yugoslavia was under Bombarďáci. Then sign, partly continuity to the value of Dabel.
I do not know why in European politics psychopathic ideology was based on intelligence and cold-blooded psychopathic killer who is from the evidence really obsessed with the destruction of all existence of life in the neighborhood.
European governments have already had to destroy the country, that today there is a chance for my person if Yugoslavia existed in 2015, then I would be single. Yugoslavia was in the past always dependent on European policy or political situation and its own economic stability. Therefore, Yugoslavia would always provided assistance to my person, today and in the past when I needed to get good help from the heads of foreign governments. Yugoslavia would provide relief for me, because of righteousness, for reasons of strategy and policy, because of extreme value which is intended for anyone who support my freedom at the possibilities of our cooperation which is markedly more favorable than the presence of European or American country. Yugoslavia also might be willing to provide assistance for reasons of certainty quick victory and obtaining political support from around the world. Therefore, blasting Yugoslavia in 1999, so that disappeared and the European project can not be in any emergency.

In 1997 or 1998 there was a special event. An event that is already registrated several years among several hundred people from the surrounding my person, it's also an event which is confirmed through personal contact with the same person today, so too before about 15 years back to another place. Not aged person, the person was always the same unchanged.
These are the events when I was a small child, had in those days I was under hypnosis, and many people could publicly hypnotize me. In these times, I beheld hallucination man with umbrella saying to me, that I would be in a situation in which I am today. Information about the fact that I hated and I'll maybe think these political parties are extinguished. At the same time I felt the power of anger, hate, but I had no emotional reasons. The same man who appeared to me in 1998, the same person without any aging was presented at the US Embassy in Barcelona in 2012. In the same year, at the Consulate of the Arab League in Madrid, I could momentarily communicate with another person from Egypt. This person appeared to me in the same year, a short walk from my house where I lived with my mother. Again, this person from Egypt was exactly in the same fabric as well as the face and the same age. I can not remember quite well what the man brought the weather, I remember only on some comic gesture and perhaps some information about the technology.
In the future, came to visit me probably Sultan Qaboos ibn Sa'id ibn Sa'id al-Tajmúr, who hugged me and thanked me he was excited. Today, however, I can not know if it was someone else, perhaps kings of Saudi Arabia or that he was glad I could come there. I do not remember the exact details, it's been many years back and maybe even the same shape and footage from the video that took place when I was in a trance at the same place. At the same time, a part of these visits have commented on this exact text based on footage from the video ....
Sultan simultaneously offended and then walked away without a word.
Today, 15 years later, those people are existentially and as well as 15 years back. When I wanted to write a letter for survivors after the death of the King of Saudi Arabia, the letter contained similar information. Therefore, before the letter was typed, then was destroyed my tablet. To this day I can not get into the database in which my letter is stored. At the time when it was destroyed my tablet, I have read the information on the operation of HAARP.
Subsequently, in later years between 1998 and 2010 for example, has happened to me many other similar events and visits. For example, one person from the Russian Federation. This person would only give her voice, spoke about some of my military technologies and projects.
It is true that the publication of this information may these political actors and probably secret societies, they can be mad and evil, but I'm not afraid to disclose the information. Information already knew thousands of people from around the world and many of them are organized against such activity. This can lead to the same attacks, attack like as in Yugoslavia, terrorist attacks on Japan, earthquakes, explosions of power stations, tornadoes and other disasters. This may be the reason that Japan has a man who conducts research on the mathematics of space and reality around us research through computers and dating information. This means that such a person is able in the future to find accurate information about similar terrorist attacks, why do they terrorism and who are its actors. Therefore, Europe and probably the next person they are trying to destroy Japanese research. Therefore, it is a duty, to disclose all information to the public, to ensure safety and stability, freedom of nations. This is necessary to ensure the freedom of nations, remove espionage and abuse of sensitive information about our company, confidential movements and functions of civilization.

(Today, Russian government too ilegaly abuse of my plan for special technology's, if they are created realy be my plan's because they are created technologys with similar power of my plan's. Today, Russia make my project's and manipuled with my plan's, for developing of special technology's who can destruct any think and anywhere in the world. Too, anythink in Cosmic Space.)


European governments are suspiciously country from many other terrorist actions and violations of international rules. This is the situation in Africa and Asia. Often in many other countries around the world.
For example, in the year when I was able to communicate better with Africa and also when I wrote a letter to African countries, a letter which could help for our cooperation rapidly create stronger group from NATO or the European and allied armies, because in such year there was a ten times stronger expansion of Ebola in African territories.
In Africa it is normal die each year from several dozens, sometimes more than a few hundred people. In 2014 it was across several thousand, and the virus has spread to the islands where it was strongest, along with Liberia and its surroundings. Then, from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its surroundings.
Use of biological
weapons, it is one of the worst terrorist action against world peace and security, coarse step against all international rules and safety rules! Step man who can not support, can support this BIG psychopath.

Medications against Ebola today are unknown. It is not possible to cure it. Survival could only a maximum of 50% of those infected, after several weeks of vomiting, fever and blisters, if there is no bleeding from the body.
If European governments know the country antibodies, it is possible that Europe undertook a strong attack against the whole world. Attack in 2014 might just be for constructing test, test that is able to demonstrate the ability of such a mutation of virus and its expansion around. If carried out research on Ebola virus mutation, European governments mentions then know how long it is likely that their drugs against the virus may act. The virus may have mutated, for example, one week to three months. The greater the number of infected, it means faster option mutation. Within one month of Europe will be able to spread the virus through hundreds of cities in Africa, then quietly through doctors to America or Asia.

Such incidents is probably just a test which may be the first step for a stronger blow against the entire African continent and against other countries worldwide.


Airbus 320. It's a plane that is numbered 320. In my comments on the part of communication that is conducted in an untrusted and unverifiable form of communication with the European political parties and the government, communication through gestures mathematics by mathematical model for quantum record reality in which my person functioning and existential especially under flexibil document number 23rd
Therefore, it is often the action against my person, for example in terms of the wrecked aircraft under a number which is based on a combination of the number 23 will successively for example, an airplane pilot could have completed 2,300 hours or one about 23 years, and the like. Section may be a similar event that symbolizes Opposite number 32, a number which is the quantum math line of our reality, the number is still the same meaning but with several different values.
Today, for example, numbers 23 and other similar digits, which are reference to my person, these digits are used in the tragedy of aircraft, ships like the Costa Concordia and many other events.

For example, Airbus 320 was under document number 320, this is the first spojitos. Then, pad that airplane occurred at 10:32 minutes. It is the means by which souvysi No. 32 and also with my situation as an answer to my article in the category ,, !!!! Protest !!!! ''.
Event has become a simple, pilot walked away from the cab, then what is wanted vrtit back he could not open the door no one answered. I'm every day abuse through hypnosis. So is the abuse of many people in Europe. Pilots who stayed in the cabin, they could be in a hypnotic trance into which they fell immediately after turning a waveform, or awareness of what time it is, the expiry time which is counting down in the human mind. Then such a person falls into a trance and it does not in any case be woken until fully experience strong tremors or another signal that is designed to wake up.

July 17, 2007 - Brazil again Airbus 320 that crashed in San Paulo. On the ground was burned to death 23 people. Such incidents would probably znaci strong hatred against me.
Subsequently, March 7, 2014 - Malaysia (239 victims), Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Boing 777-200. In the times of such an incident happened a few more incidents which have their own internal re-connection with Malaysia and also with my person. Therefore seems such attacks as an attempt to undermine Malaysia or carry out threats against my person. July 17, 2014 - Ukraine (298 victims) Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines was blasted on the territory of Ukraine. Date coincides with numbers that mean Kursk accident, explosion of the Russian submarine Kursk. At the same time, it is possible that I could hear a similar incident at the University of Vienna in 2013. Many of flight, other Malaysian companies are re-combined with the number 23. For example, pilots who performed uz 2300 driver attempts machines, or the number of hours flown by the pilot, the number of dead passengers or much else.
Some flights were diverted from their flight. This means that the radars were disoriented by the technology of the terrorist group. Pilots could also be under the influence of hypnosis, it causes the pilot for several months starts to remember bad right direction. Therefore pilot could be directed in the opposite direction than was his realistic target.
At the same time, some planes were damaged by a crashing into the hull or the front of the plane. Encountered by that description to be based on my plans for the development of technology. Special aircrafts strje with great speed and similar abilities, some argue that this is similar as a UFO. Such plans are constantly stealing BY UTILIZING espionage. European governments are abusing these information and create your own weapons by myych plan. Weapons that can be rapidly stronger than a nuclear bomb.
Similarly, information vlastnim also ship Costa Concordia, the boat that sank three days after my birthday. At the same time, a symbolic figure that govern such events is the importance of changes in thinking and reality of some significance. At the same time, partly death that symbolizes the change of ideology. Under the fair value of my situation mean such mathematical symbols in the same situation I have here today.
Sometimes these numbers mean for example hatred against me because of my skills and broaden economic value or projects. It's the same in the direction of my options. Envy, hatred and malice. European governments know the country, I will be king of European countries. Therefore, the European governments the hatred harms many other objects and people create murder and genocide on civilian objects.

Many of these events are in the vicinity of my person, the information is already known over five years and maybe even longer back.

It is true that, for example also other incidents are reference to my person. By accidents Iranian President in 2012 and the death of all 21 of his advisor, or accidents other people around the world, and the like. At the same time, today I can be better informed about European information to the ISIS uprising in Iraq and Syria, it is a rebellion which was scheduled just a few years back, many people of such action knew well and is even shown to such rebellion comes from France. The emergence of ISIS is already known in 2010, at the time in April or May.
Today, the existence ISIS order is functional because European governments and the USA are not interested assists against terrorism. European governments are abusing the earth because all possibilities in order to better opportunity to defend themselves against another country other governments around the world. These countries' governments are now also trying to damage the stability of security and the ability to defend itself against European oppression.
In some ways, suggesting a grand theory is even real essence emergence of the economic crisis in 2008, the crisis because of which are in bankruptcy got most of the world. It was a crisis, based in the USA and some countries' governments worked in a similar direction, created by speculation and evidence. Evidence that such crisis was caused by deliberate reason, therefore, to hurt the world.
Today, doing so may mean efforts to test the value of political and economic stability in the world because European governments and their country illegally alliance, so that they could, if necessary their vulnerability to create a global crisis that weakens the enemy against European terrorism.
This means that for a moment comes new global economic crisis, when European nations rise up against such terrorism! European governments are country based on its own internal value and cooperation. If there was a rebellion in the zone European territories, then European governments countries must not be put into operation no action against the world.

European governments are abusing the country too The global weapons, for example those that can cause large tornado, storm or such as the strong sea waves that destroy the big city. For example, in 2009, a large wave that destroyed the coast of China. In 2012, Sandy storm that destroyed parts of Mexico and the New Yourk had created a certain silhouette resembling a real possibility.
In the world have been many attacks with similar technology and it's just one of the many other information and evidence about the coolness of European governments and their country of terrorist appetites. Such as a thunderstorm, earthquake or volcanic eruptions around the island of Sardinia in Europe, is again based on the date and other symbols of reference events and protest against my attempt to gain freedom or delete a European terrorism!
Similar events are already carried out a great many with strong values!

Text is not written full. Text is stoped because I am blocked for normal live zone and quality's. I not can work or comunicated normaly.
Information is wih out many much more information's about ilegal movement in european policy and governmnet's, crime's in time of the World terrorism and threaten or abuse of political power, genocid's and similar more description.
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