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  ,,The European Political Prisoner''


!! Live in Europe !!

!! 1998 to NOW !! New Times of Fascist Europe, live in the streets of Europe every day !! 1998 to NOW !!

European policy today, much worse than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung. Europe already quietly murdered 220 million children!

Much more!

Therefore, media are blocked and under threat! Only here is the real truth!

!! According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Germany, the Swiss, French, Italian, Portuguese Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, Belgian and Netherlands, the Grand Duchy Lucemburg. According to International Law
The European Union too, OSCE too support terrorism and criminal network's !

According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

!STOP to The New Era of Fascistical policy in Europe!
Every Year, Human Rights Day! 10.December!'s
European political prisoner, at least since 1998 until today, the year 2015.

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The ID's

The ID's

The Flag of The Federal government of The Imperium of Diamond's
Decision against illegal censorship in the media and media-cooperation
přesný čas
Declaration about My Right's  2.6MB
250 futuristic corporations and my right against spy or steal my plan's.
Thank for new Tablet !!! In my Hand's, valuable than planet Earth !
World Terrorism, Genocid's, Electric Chairs or Capital Punishment's, with out Human Right's, my value is much valuable than planet Earth.
*Anyone who's blocking my existence in the media, such person for it shall be punished by imprisonment for his entire life. Sory, I am here 17 year's. My value is powerful than Earth or humanity, any one blocking of my person is not only blocking of me.
! Every 1 Second, European losse, 800. planet's Earth !

The information on my website are proof that in the interest of my real projects, projects for peace in the interest of the best options for humanity and world politics in the interest of efforts to cooperation with all governments around the world to achieve the common development and victory information this website is therefore proof that European governments and their illegal blocking my people represent for the whole world, for every government countries around the world, real losses worth at least over 800. planets Earth, every one second, according to the calculations of GDP on our planet for us year.
Information is real, more information, visit my website.
Part of Value, HERE :

The Constitution of The World Diamond

! Every 1 Second, European losse, value GDP of 800. planets Earth's Earth !
Old text is based on manipulation of my mind and hypnotical signal's from Hypnozis. Real Information is based on actual testimony.


Blocking of my communication is really Global Terrorism, step for Global War, and powerfull than WW I and II. Confirmation about European political crime and block legall comunication and rights. European policy is really World Terrorism !
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. I.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. I.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. II.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. II.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. III.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. III.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IV.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IV.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. V.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. V.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VI.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VI.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VII.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VII.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VIII
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. VIII
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IX.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. IX.
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X
The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X

If link is blocked, than all have Legal Duty for call Global Policy to use WMD's agasinst Globasl Terrorism, Europe
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HAVE A NICE SUCCESS! List of Embassy's
I am visiter with Number 99 !
USA coopered on terrorism against world. They are not can use right for cooperation. This terrorism is officialy strongly worse than ISIS or Al-kaida.
Contact's on France government
Burned all for spain blocked.
Burned on El. Ch.

Candidate for the king of the United States of America

Candidate for the king of the United States

Good day for the Dear Congress of the United States, to His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mr John Kerry USA while the US President, Mr. Barack Obama.
I would also like to greet you very political parties and democratic department's of the United States of America, I certainly thank you for your communication and collaboration efforts for any of my affair, can it is common future and better of the whole World.

Hello, my name is Peter Gottwald. I come from the Czech Republic and today I am a political prisoner in Europe, I am an old 23 year. Today, I'll want to write, because my goal in life from my childhood is to create a new international project,, One World '' and therefore unite the entire world. Therefore, it is in my interests to communicate with you and to try to create our common good relations and cooperation that one day we can create our political alliance which will be based upon the unification of all humanity, creating,, One World ''.
One of the biggest step since the formation of the whole of humanity on our planet Earth. The biggest step since the legendary Babylon.
Proposal is made in the benchmark is to communicate well through personal contacts.

This document is a partial justice to the candidate for the king of the United States, stand in a special situation, and therefore without a full registry and without compliance with the law of the US Constitution, but according to a just right of everyone on planet Earth, in the special situation of European political prisoners who can not be responsible for his person and communicate with svim surroundings.
Form of the right to express their free nation, relying on the affirmation of the US Congress, with a personal expression of my people, that the application can be used at any time in the future.
My first and fundamental objective is to eliminate any kind of poverty or insufficient quality of life for every citizen in the country. My goal is to ensure that everyone can use sufficiently good health and soon even immortality. I am capable of and I know how to do it. At the same time, I together with you to delete unemployment and create enough permanent job title.
So that I could prove that I am good enough and can be highly successful, better than the current political leadership of the United States, my first step will be to create a budget companies under 30,000 retail companies for 10,000 citizens. That means rapid pozdvyhnuti GDP per individual, so too the possibility of increasing the value of the currency or coin issued more for consumption.
Extended industry, agriculture, services in the city but Ecology without any problems. My plan to create pure city with no smog The waste and bad atmosphere.
Soon it would be support for businesses and companies, will therefore be instituted improvement and modernization of transport. Then the resulting super transports that may be useful for speeds over 7,000 miles per hour. Another version like that transport, today it's a known Looftrop. other versions speeds of over 35,000 miles per hour. I know also other kinds of specialty transport, which is based on the instantaneous traveling through the orbital path, the journey from New York to Paris will take only five minutes.
Our cities lift up on values. Will commence development of new urban centers and strongly pozdvyhne Urbanization. Cities will have significant value and style of new buildings will be modernized too. Soon it will be worth the price of the entire city Triliard dollars. Number of urban centers will increase rapidly.
Today, agricultural production in the US is very weak and is conveniently grow up agricultural values and raw material markets. Therefore, it will create significant changes in agricultural production and our values surpass the European capacity for annual agricultural production. Our direction is to grow meat lions, tigers meat, crocodile meat, special plants, often industrial plants and various other quality products from around the world.
Our projects for agricultural development will also focus on supporting African countries, which often have a shortage of agricultural production and people must suffer hunger.
USA since the nation is based on the pursuit of progress and Intelligent target for global success, my interest is to create several kinds of new schools that will immediately surpass the value of the best schools from all over the world. Will ejdnat of schools in the category of world politics and society, the Technology and Design, consequently many other categories and mainly Intelligent.
Anyway, only the best schools around the world.
School which gives intelligent humanity, humanity which may be due to the inherent intelligence and immortal. My health projects can improve many current possibilities and elevate our values. For example, each of us, every citizen of the USA could soon be able to immortality, long life for several billion years. No permanent and incurable illness or physical, biological large old.
Our advances in intelligence tends to produce large. for example, advances in technology will surpass the highest expectations of mankind for our millennium. Great strides that we can show you some of the other senses and reality, or raise the value of the human race is another important level. Technologies which in turn can promote our values from other parties and therefore we can travel to other space around the world which are the distances over 140,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers in 24 hours. This means that we will soon learn many new galaxies which we have never and could not see or understand. Theoretical chance that we will recognize alien life here is really extremely great.
At the same time, our technology will greatly facilitate us and raise our industrial capabilities. Our industry will soon be fully HIGH TECH same too and the civilization around us in the form of Urbanization in the form of utilities and intelligence.
My goal is to create the largest and most advanced civilization that may exist. Civilization that its value can outdo all the values in the history of mankind today.
New economic system who will raise the value of life of every citizen and provide the full capability quality of life, home, health, food, travel, entertain or educate, much more! Political parties will also be happy and strongly appreciate my plan for founding a political finance exchange under the system of IDV.
In any case, it is certain that my development efforts for civilization and economy, my projects and also pleases Nation policy. Our joint efforts can quickly and easily remove every threat, debt to the Republic of Cuba and other debts or to other foreign entities. It's the same, will remove all threats of financial instability sake of future threats to international debt. Ja create full stability of the entire economy, the moment that case.
Of course, it is also certainly would not let anyone to blackmailed our country and in any event not. Therefore, as a first step, utilizes special technology and scientific progress the most advanced step of world science, so we created the strongest army in the history of mankind. My plan for the development of the army will be qualified enough to overtake the strongest army today. We will always help to world peace, security and justice. Our best to ensure safety and delete terrorism around the world.
USA Territory will always be safe zone and with no conflict.
Our country is strong, the strongest countries around the world, the strongest in the direction of the army and security, intelligence civilization, economic value.
For example, the total value of gross domestic product will overtake several Kvadriliard Euro. This means that soon we will have enough money every citizen because he could make a simple, traditional buy a new home, a luxury car, new clothes every day, good and sumptuous meal, life in the luxury hotel, plane or boat, much more.
Subsequently, after several policy actions together with the world is facing, we begin a strong colonization of the entire universe and create our sovereignty in a few galaxies, over its entire area. Throughout the expanses of the galaxy formed our other civilization that is based on super technology and important scientific system. A new civilization which is rapidly outstripping the entire value of the planet Earth.
Our goal is to build a few thousand or hundreds of thousands of spacecraft that will be able to travel between galaxies. Each spacecraft will written for several thousands or tens of thousands of people. Then we build new centers of civilization in free space. Each civilization Center will serve several million people, our citizens. Each center will soon be in the economic values of the planet Earth.
For starters, every political party who would like to cooperate, I will certainly pleasure of your efforts to contact me and very soon Vas Coats can welcome. I'm grateful for interpersonal communication and together we can agree on action that lift up the values of our civilization and ideology nations together. We shall create conjoint operation and we can initiate a conversation about my other goals for development and policy direction in the direction of the economy, in the direction of civilization and the market in the direction of health, education and many other ways, many further steps that are very important and developed. Often one of the most important steps in the history of mankind.

Therefore, I will want to ask for your cooperation as a federation entity under my constitution ED,, Empire of Diamond '' and therefore can create significant political alliance which may one day unite all governments around the world.
My application is aimed to unite the whole territory and political actors USA, as one large multi federation entity which will therefore be an ally ED, by a member of the federation and political ally.
Because my plan based on the invitations for the first phase in relation federation alliance, because I want to have used basic options. This means that changes in your constitution will be as follows. President will not be recognized as the functional position, so give the option to choose at least two government representative who will act as President and the Prime Minister.
If you do not have any interest in me to choose for your king or establish cooperation for our united in a federation, so I want to submit another bid which establishes the granting of rights to why I founded ja their own state under the constitution of the United States and in the territory morske area. If you do you support such an option, because of course it is my territory and sovereignty in the zone will no relatedness to my duty To ED and WD or other personal territories. it is an advantage for us, our territory under the constitution of the United States may soon be transformed into value of a common territory under a special agreement between the USA and the ED. Similar values territories such as Hong Kong.
Of course, the conclusions I plead for support of your policy, for my design new space agreements which grant all the rights for the establishment of sovereignty in space but under a duty To maintain the value of a common policy with the world. It is advantageous step for mankind and strongly significant. New step to the Humanity and Values of Our Mankind.
At the same time, I would like to ask you about the release of the resolutions supported by the UN General Assembly for an immediate ban on the creation of spacetime wars and abuse of technology to change the timing or rhythm of movement in the past because that was influenced future, present.
Today there are many certified or public proof of the existence of such technologies. The evidence which confirms the strong handling in such a gun and robbing many, other governments around the world. it's also one of the reasons why my tablet was destroyed, the people that make me despite similar technology constantly monitors ..... I shall surely enter the new because it need to work!
I also want to say that if your country's government supports such manipulation, such as my person, so you owe me Remarkablenesses finance. This is at least a few kvintilionu euro and therefore the threat that your country will cease to exist. Therefore, it is good for you to reconcile and take advantage of my offer. If I will be your king, then debts are not so serious value or thing necessary for immediate contract.
I'm blocked, so I can not make the effort to contact other political parties in these countries. Because I blocked, I may not normally communicate.
If at any time will be elected by my people, then European governments country must pay compensation few kvintilionu for the country that elected me.

Then it soon becomes king in these European countries. This means establishment of an international territories WD.

Mr. Peter Gottwald
17 year's European Political Prisoner, life in society, blocked person with out Human Right's or Value.

Thank You and Have a Nice day, I look forward to your next visit !!
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