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!! Live in Europe !!

!! 1998 to NOW !! New Times of Fascist Europe, live in the streets of Europe every day !! 1998 to NOW !!

European policy today, much worse than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung. Europe already quietly murdered 220 million children!

Much more!

Therefore, media are blocked and under threat! Only here is the real truth!

!! According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Germany, the Swiss, French, Italian, Portuguese Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, Belgian and Netherlands, the Grand Duchy Lucemburg. According to International Law
The European Union too, OSCE too support terrorism and criminal network's !

According to International Law, WORLD TERRORISM !!

!STOP to The New Era of Fascistical policy in Europe!
Every Year, Human Rights Day! 10.December!'s
European political prisoner, at least since 1998 until today, the year 2015.

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The information on my website are proof that in the interest of my real projects, projects for peace in the interest of the best options for humanity and world politics in the interest of efforts to cooperation with all governments around the world to achieve the common development and victory information this website is therefore proof that European governments and their illegal blocking my people represent for the whole world, for every government countries around the world, real losses worth at least over 800. planets Earth, every one second, according to the calculations of GDP on our planet for us year.
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! Every 1 Second, European losse, value GDP of 800. planets Earth's Earth !
Old text is based on manipulation of my mind and hypnotical signal's from Hypnozis. Real Information is based on actual testimony.


Blocking of my communication is really Global Terrorism, step for Global War, and powerfull than WW I and II. Confirmation about European political crime and block legall comunication and rights. European policy is really World Terrorism !
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The One World and Political situation of European government's be Real Global Justice. X

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Basic description for great civilization ship for travel Inter-Galaxy's

I  70.13kB
II  65.23kB
IV  94.83kB
III  69.64kB
V  56.93kB

Information is based on realistic mathematics and fact. Calculations and projects are real, without fiction, with only occasional safety secrecy over foreign competitors who steal my patent law and abuse my technology, have abused my position, block person

My plan is to create several kinds engine for spacecraft, or special stagecoach.
My plan is to create several kind of cannon that can create speed inertia vystreleneho charge or a spacecraft cabin for several people, the rate of thickness 1 light year per hour.
The second system is able to create a physical value that is able to fire a stagecoach on speed strength kvintilion example, over one kilometer per hour.
Other types of motors for spacecraft are often similar forms, for example, my special cyclonic engine is able to create a theoretical speed of over 230 Biliard's miles per hour, other types of engine are such notions.
Today, my plan for other special type of engine to create another similar results.
This type of engine is the one by which they are based my plans which will be partly in the form of advertising are told, introduced in my section. Special spacecraft that is designed for travel between galaxies. Large spacecraft that uses mymany time's of engine according to my plan, calculations, depending on the value of strength technology and real mathematics by reality. My type of one of my engine, special motor which is based on only on environmental operations and weak electrical or other mild physical energy for propulsion, the spacecraft can create, through 800,000,000,000.000 cruising speed of light years per hour. 800 Bilion's Light's Year per One Hour.

This is the world's largest record in the history of mankind. Is it true that because of such a move, we humans will soon know where the end of the universe.
I have many lot of a many many many more and much similar or similar value of the more plan's and project's for developing of the cosmic civilization spacecraft's.
Many different kinds of infrastructure throughout the ship. Many electronic and digital networks or various other special types of technology that take care of the whole ship. My spacecraft is based on a strong infrastructure that the intelligence that creates significant, so it is possible to say that the boat is really living creature who can decide independently, renovate, expand and think, or control, in goodness for the crew and owner.
Infrastructure is enriched with many options, many possibilities, it is already real and it is easy to create. Other options, so far it is only a theory that is necessary to create, expand research and achieve victory.
After its entirety ship are electronic systems which can detect every movement throughout the station, population movements, raw material consumption, the movement of bacteria and their cleaning, use of raw materials, movement of the weight, motor function or technology, production atmosphere, primary agricultural production or extraction of further other sources, other many dozens of similar systems such as a 3D virtual reality or a cyber reality, internet and radio, telecommunications, maybe soon teleport, super computer center, an observatory center, safety and evacuation structures and other.
Then it is therefore necessary to create research that could arise graviton vation to ensure kinetic irrelevance booths against the environment, therefore arises to the normal environment for human life and the opportunity to use many, other energy or technology that can outstrip the value of the most advanced technology for today.

My plan for infrastructure at spacecraft is worth a hundred of infrastructure networks. At the time when I will be released in Europe, so I can start a full development of the technology, according to my plan and intent. This means that the number of infrastructure networks will grow to several hundred thousand, maybe a million type of infrastructure structures infrastructure for each spacecraft, the differences between them according to the type of ships.
The number of these ships will be the first values, according to my verifiable plans and capabilities for real production, conception through several hundred thousand ships, each of which is intended for thousands of people, such a value as to create many special centers and civilization for several million people, soon to billion people.
At the same time, the number of ships grows to several million. Some boats will be used for political purposes in the international union ,, World Diamond ', other ships will use I  in the form of ,, Empire of Diamond' 'and my other governments in the country that will add to my federation.
One spaceship might remain in power over 100 up to 200 years when using a shield against the atmosphere and cosmic waves or against impact from space debris at the same time systems for balanced own weight. Therefore, each ship without a strong damage. Any space ship actually super computer and android crews who is able to reproduce new materials which result in the replacement of damaged parts. Therefore, each Spacecraft can withstand over a few million a year in services and in constant operation, without the need to scrap. Android groups can automatically detects the components, and then it just compensation. Special computers can predict damage to any components already several years before in such an incident.

The ship is equipped with every need. On the ship are special health beds in many types, according to the real possibilities of modern science and technology. These medical beds can create the ability to renovate the cells and our whole body, bones, skin, muscles, organs, according to our code of DNA, thus prolong a healthy life for several hundred years. The second type of health bed can run the operation or keep a wounded man on artificial medical care in a partial coma, while utilizing cyber structure connecting with your mind, therefore, capable of communicating with other people as robots and biological robot, at the time when your body is in a coma at Artificial bed under intensive care. The third type of bed is based on the cyber structure that causes your old body will be replaced with new body, your mind will be reinstalled into the second brain which originated in your artificial clone of your cells, according to new additions to ensure better health strength and physical ability throughout life. Subsequently, your old body is disconnected from the system and dies, your normal consciousness will be operational in the second physical shell. When information is possible to obtain a wide range of other information in the form of knowledge, information from universities or books, medical profession, the legal profession, scientific profession, knowledge of another man, a manual on control of the technology, is another possibility.
The civilization of the ship are many types of laboratories, laboratories for research chemical samples, particle energy, special materials for Research nano technology and nano materials, special computers for research and direkce research or industrial production.
Industry in such a civilization is too extensive. his ability can compare the capabilities of the modern city on the planet Earth. Industry is able to get anything, any raw material and work it. One cosmic civilizations according to my plans then perfect civilization.
Good to use bacteria to produce some special ingredients.
Agriculture is strong and rich. Plenty of drinking water sources, enough meat or vitamin from fruits and vegetables. Each farm value is produced from industrial laboratories, which means that nurseries for oranges may over a thousand times Reduce, also its production will be stronger than a hundred times greater plantations of orange. Therefore, it is possible to get wool, cotton, silk textiles, every kind of vitamin, rubber, rubber, artificial chocolate, spices, medical materials for the production of medicines and serum anti-virus, raw materials and chemicals, organic substances and raw materials of biological processes, many more.
Because the ship is frequent repetition of one atmosphere which lacks extensive forests, marine areas and oceans, therefore it is necessary to establish a scheme of which support a healthy psychology passengers. My goal is to utilize 3D virtual space that can be created from good pictures. Great in the values ​​of our planet. Meadows, forests, deserts, oceans, cities, animals, air and other. Recreational and economic value use by every passenger, while the surrounding centers of civilization through telecommunication structures.
Normal values ​​of civilization on the surface are comparable in the city center. Smaller gardens, cinemas, shopping centers, squares, bars, sports and recreation centers, digital Center, another other special areas.
In any case, the doctor here where we can monitor the whole day, hospital, police, firefighters and security service or system, much more.
The infrastructure consists of several hundreds of smart grids. Each of these networks is synchronized together to achieve the best and logistics functions. Infrastructure is an interactive function according to the immediate needs of the crew for both the natural reaction of psychology, then by physical and logistical needs for survival and operation. Infrastructure is therefore autonomous artificial intelligence that is able to communicate. Automatically center infrastructure can also regulate the number of passengers by utilizing cloning people, cyber intelligence and installation or production of other Android for the operation and development of civilization.
Information according to my real plans and projects, verify the value. The whole system function or operation of civilization can be viewed on the phone in a smart watch, or through cyberspace helmet.
In the future production of such civilizations simple. Any such super civilization ship can unload a small package from which arises as manufacturing other similar ships. This means that from a single civilization can arise for a ten year across several tens of thousands of other new ships.
Univers Ship

Univers Ship

In this picture, it was a research civilization that is based on robotic crew.
Robotic crew is synchronized to a central computer that are designed for space exploration and the establishment of good infrastructure design or can be selected creation of a new civilization.
A similar system of the spacecraft is able to create a colony balicek which autonomously able to colonize a new planet and build up sufficiently capable of civilization against so that we humans could survive. Colonization package consists own laboratory, renewables and computers for managament or production of Android for the first start.
Some species colonizing packages are designed for the development of civilization in the value of the city covering over the whole zone of the planet, or in the area of ​​free space. Other packages can be designed for the production of special laboratories for maintaining renewable sources. Another one package can be used to expand agriculture across the entire area of ​​the planet. Similar packages can be used for zone-based research which then acts as one large and autonomous computer.
These technologies are used for the development of space systems and communications or expansion of human civilization and values ​​of our humanity.
Thus it can be used, for example evacuation rescue package for the human race. It's all in the package is, according to my plans designed to maintain the kazdec ivilizacni spacecraft or other planets in the zone, in the city center or in special centers on the planet.
It's a package which contains the DNA of the human race, incubators for pest clone in mass numbers. Subsequently will use cyber intelligence system for installation into the brain clone, so to clone could immediately be intelligent enough. At the same time there will be the location of the robotic unit designed to develop basic civilization and pest raw materials or teaching clone and maintaining security. In such the Bali is still a computer which stores information about the latest coordinates zaniknute human civilization that lived through the apocalypse or some other tragedy, a disaster.
The computer can navigate the cloned populations while also robotic units therefore to be able to synchronize with the extinction of civilization and detect signals from all of the bunker and functioning of isolated centers. That means that each one of such destruction civilization to survive, because he can be re-released and moved to a new civilization.
One of my suggestions is a type of special Space Centre which is based on its own atmosphere. It is my proposal that is old over several years back.
Civilization which is based on the ability to accommodate a population of honor that is greater than 10 million people.
Such a civilization uses its own free space.
In a civilization potrevin are sufficient resources, energy, minerals and other industrial and agricultural raw materials. Civilization is perfectly brave each other.
The area of ​​civilization can be compared with 4x Czech Republic.

In civilization, gardens, houses for the population, schools, libraries, social centers, transport lines, all the needs of civilization.

Civilization is its special type. System Such technology is not based on traveling, it's just a cosmic point using its own motion in free space. Therefore, civilization does not move, It is not possible to travel through space. Civilization stays in one place. It is a city which is a space-based existence anywhere where it will be built.
The City has its own rules and governance system because the city property and value on GDP.

Estimating the future possibilities for producing such a civilization is based on the ability to produce the same civilization, for example, once every month, if the full production capabilities, can such ability and record-simplification to produce better performance.
Similarly, the technology is based on a system of transport and distribution of the great civilization ships for several million people. Some boats are designed for a population with a value of several thousand people. This can be for research ships or military affairs.
then, other ships that are based example for material transport or similar needs, mining, development, transport, much else.
In any case, the technology also will be used to transport passengers between the main centers and civilization, or between the planets.

For example, space plane for 200 passengers, the aircraft that is capable of traveling between planets, from their surface.
Ship01-pasanger aircraft.jpg
Another technology in such forms will be used for the development of cosmic civilizations to a standing position. A position which is zakalda to revolve around its own energy sources or in free space. Civilization has no need for his own movements.
Such a civilization will be based on its ability to satisfy its minimum capacity of 10 million people. Additional standards will range across several miliard people in the distant future.
The Intelligent Puzzle Block's.jpg
wait for created reprezentation scheme.  292.16kB
Thank you for respect.
I have many other projects for created cosmic transportation or special civilization in several versions of technology and science, and drive or other special step.

In basic scales is one of the tools for interplanetary travel for passengers and the second type of material or other types of political paths, walking paths, military technology, and the like similar many category's. The following type of technology is oriented for travel between the stars or galaxy's. Specialized passenger transports in the same scale as the Previous category. Subsequently, it is a large spacecraft in the values ​​of civilization or special industrial zone and engineering, center of energy plant's.
One of the final stages of these special spacecraft types are designed for travel between galaxies and other remote bodies or for created cosmic infrastructur based on industry or similar technologycal line's. Such ships are already guided into a special type which will be the center of civilization and movement.

Some civilizations are based on the level without techno.ogicke of using the planet's surface for the foundation of civilization. Because it is more advanced space technology development than life on Earth, thus establishing a system where people can live in a civilization which is based on free space, the technology centers on the extent, for example, several hundred thousand kilometers.

The technology will be used in the framework of international cooperation ED and WD, then under international agreements. Project Prometheus !

For international purposes in the direction of establishing cooperation in League World Diamond, for this kind of worldwide development cooperation will be used in a common class technology for space travel with the project name and type of Prometheus diamond. Prometheus Diamant, common spacecraft and similar technologies or centers of civilization to be determined for international cooperation to cooperation which will raise the value of the whole of humanity and human civilization expands the company, and beyond existence ,, people known universe ''.
Today it may be, have a lower ability of early civilization of a space ship, is therefore the possibility to create a budget which meet minimum hundred great civilization spacecraft common format for WD policy. A civilization can be first in line for 10,000 people.
According to my personal assessments, I'm working on a ship of civilization dimensions and values for centuries transport 10 million people. Then it will be designed projects for industrial capability in the manufacture of civilization for one milliard people.
Civilization which is really in many ways better for mankind and rewarding than our civilization's on planet Earth.
In the direction of my projects that are based on WD Prometheus, after the development of industrial value'll be able to create over 100 great civilization of the ship for our common purpose and interest.
Subsequently, in the direction of the same project with collaboration Prometheus ED, I'll be able to provide for each federation government again significant value, up at least 10's or 100 civilizational spacecraft for each 
federation country ships to actually government autonomy.
Simultaneously, each federation country can collaborate on projects for the development of cosmic centers and infrastructure or cooperation and research. That is, the spacecraft will be produced in the number over several thousands of ships for the central political group, the government ED. Over several thousand boat which will be our common possession of the whole system and policies Federation ED.
One of the common goals will create a research processes of decay of the electron colizer and charting shootout fabrics and features, creating a shootout mater based compound, then data information into digital processes. Common task to compare the physical values ​​with the outside universe, according to physical conformity in the micro scale, the mathematics, the consensus on the outside universe, stars, galaxies, planets, and the rotation direction of the meteor, waves and energy. Such information will be utilized for detecting theory and mathematics based on the first line for the creation of the universe, the central position of the origin and direction is extended to speed the development of the universe and the formation of the first note.
Through these information will be finding how far you can expand the universe, the speed at which the universe expands, how far is the end of the universe. My suggestions for technologies can travel speeds ,, infinity to infinity = X at infinity. X = X2 at infinity to infinity. Still the same at infinity and therefore shall create speed X with infinite order ''.
Therefore, we and our humanity can recognize the value end of the universe and the reality outside our universe, knowledge that can be detected during several universes, into a reality with the visit of the researcher and the possibility of establishing a new civilization in the young universe zone, or zone where the existence of the universe is not created .
My suggestions on infrastructure are extensive direction. Infrastructure is based on the ability of their own raw material development and production, or in the internal zone. Here is take advantage of every opportunity life for the population or similar matters in the direction of the works, communication, hobby, society and its natural activity management, operating systems and techniques, operation of industrial zones, agricultural production, transportation and much more.
My suggestions spacecraft, which is based on realistic physics and fact, some of my plans are designed for a population of over 10 million the number of people, maybe the same size as Madrid, with 40 floors in height.
The following calculations will be based on the capacity of one miliard people.
My plan for infrastructure are about 100 honor through an intelligent network of many computers, industry, safety and many other categories.

Should I be able to use functional computer or tablet for my work (therefore, was destroyed), then I might I personally extend infrastructure to another 1,000 engineering systems infrastructure. I personally, individually and in all details.
Because I am a political prisoner, it means that I can not utilize all my abilities and values. Therefore, I can not handle the special computer for acreage spaceships and infrastructure or technology. If I could work with the type of my computers, then I'm able to create over a few hundred million of utilities, within a few days repeatedly.
My computers for research of similar technology, computers are based on the weight similar to the skyscraper or a city of skyscraper's.

Today, mine infrastructure spacecraft is based on several categories.
Security, technological and system functions, Transport outdoor, the outdoor navigation, space sensors, inner Transport, agro-industry, information systems, economically inter-active system, communications, virtual reality, inter-active system for calculating our reality, internal sensors, the system of autonomous's atmosphere system higieny, energy shields for defense and security, navigation in the interior, android systems and artificial intelligence, digital systems, system for mapping its surroundings, system for the continuous development of civilization on the ship, cybernetic system, Health and Hospital industrial system, social system or equipment, research operations, subsequent operational systems and energy.

In the development of technology and other systems of spaceships, then to transform the other centers which will be developed on more advanced techniques.
Therefore, the category Infrastructure and intelligence will grow constantly, every moment.

Approximate price in the interest of basic transport units in an area the size of one container transports for the purposes of sea transport, these are the dimensions of the magnitude of about 300 meters to 50 meters and from 5 meters, with the normal financial cost in the interest of maybe 100 to 200 million €, because of these values and similar results which are based on such systems of production and material handling, I can say that the basic construction and infrastructure spacecraft of similar sizes as the container ship, it could be € 300 million per spacecraft. Unless, of course not counting another major equipment in the form of an extension of infrastructure and the technologies required for operation. Real price can move up to € 3 miliard for a transport spaceship.
Cosmic transport ship sizes will be about 300 meters, 50 meters and over 50 meters. Its inner surface will therefore be 65,000 square meters, in the interest of the layout groan. I tally example, the internal value of the space which results in a 750,000 cubic meters of transport capacity. According to my calculations, one such ship is able to carry out transport moving loads weighing over 1.8 million tons. Transport to the value of the cargo at the acreage of my engine type, the road will speed the billiards 420 kilometers per hour. It's in the interest of standardization of the engine values, for the creation of civilization in the interest of the site which must be undertaken to survey and reaffirmed by the real figures.
Then, in an economic civilization acreage ship which are intended for example, 10 million people, the basic material structure, the price of basic construction will be over in terms of US dollar 735 billion. Filled size of such a ship can be in the first and fundamental stages of over 10,000 meters, 5,000 meters and maybe just 500 meters on its height, in the first stages of development of technology.
The value of such prices will grow in the interests realne ratification, in order to calculate the value of the materials used by utilities and inner technology, internal production values, while values ​​of internal economy. It is the value that will grow to a larger size than the estimate is higher than a few billiards € per cosmic civilization, a civilization in the basic measure used by raw materials and values ​​confirmed by today's capabilities. Real price can be even more amount.
The size of such a civilization can be based on the balance over 4,012,500,000 tons. The area of ​​the interior space will soon be in proportion to 25 miliard cubic meters.

My calculations of economic interests and raw material production, according to the calculations of my modern systems technology and utilization, other options such as an abnormally az, transprotni produce one boat can be really short.
My projects are able to create over 2,000 freighters in a mere 40 days. According to calculations, if the first day of operation will begin at midnight, then traffic will be stopped just after lunch and a short rest, around 12 hours in the day. Each day will be constructed around 50 transport ships for the transportation of material.
If I want to expand production strategy by the system in order multy combination of mathematical calculations and physical abilities operational system, then I'm really in the interest of raw materials, time, production process may be able to produce 2,000 transport ships until 4 days after the beginning of production, in time shortly morning hours.

Cosmic civilization is again simple to produce if the system is intelligent enough. System is able to produce such a civilization in order to calculate according to reality, really just 5 days. Therefore, every 5 days, it can create a new civilization for the next 10 million people.

My main effort will be to ensure the function and existence of such civilizations in the interests of the Empire Diamond and cooperation in the interest of my policy.

At the same time, I support the project Prometheus and create many international space Civilization and specialty centers.

My interests have also to be the basis to create a world safe. In my interests is to create a lot of security and military ship that will promote global security and stability of world peace and defense against cosmic threats.

One such the spaceship that will be created in the interests of international politics and sovereignty of all the governments of countries such spacecraft can they harness technology that can destroy more value than the whole expanse of the solar system and all the planets in such a range. It's a very strong and intelligent technology.

System cosmic digital gateway for transport in space

I had created a plan for a system to be used for navigation cooperation in the direction of space travel. It's a system that performs navigation for spacecraft, in the years between galaxies and remote centers across several trillion light years from launch.
This system is based on an extensive network of the digital transport gateways. Each gateway goes in the environmental detection with the help of their own research or observation wells and micro observatory with a telescope. Such a system can map their surroundings and create interactive digital record that will be used for computer calculation. Computers Preload movement of celestial bodies in the framework of their future positions. Then there will be time signature creation process tag data in the form of coordinates, will be subsequently made contact with another gate which will help send information.
Each gateway sends the information obtained. Posting information is ongoing, without a break.
Each digital Transportni gateways are designed to connect all starting and finishing the portal. In each port, the special computers that communicate with spacecraft. The spacecraft is synchronized with the digital process and therefore may exact calculation of the best route to your destination.
Some may spacecraft uses its own portal system therefore may start at any position in space. Normal transport technologies are designed for navigation along the line you choose System computers and digital gateways. Therefore such technology is used for space travel, traveling along the line which is designed as a regular route.
My suggestion technological system prove to ten years to create enough technology needs to constantly calculate interactively from cosmic maps which stretches on an area of ​​light-years across

256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Light-Year's square (Two hundred and fifty-six oktiliard light-years from planet Earth).

It is rapidly more space than we humans today can know, understand, calculate or information processing.
Such an area is intended for transport by any spaceship or large civilizational ship for millions of people. Transportni and a digital computing system is created because enough so that the spaceship at launch set its own objective as needed, then carried facing first target position that will be as the distance across several kvintilionu light years, then may come on who will be starting the engine long enough Time to get all the energy (for example, 10 hours to the speed of 400 trillion light years per hour), then eventually come about vystrel worth over 800 trillion light years per hour.
The spacecraft is in sync with the systems of digital navigation, the boat is perfectly capable of precise focus point on an area of ​​one centimeter at any distance. One point of the area per square centimeter. This point may be at a distance kvintilionu over several light years. Spacecraft can accurately focus on this position and create exact imaginary line between the tip of his angles and target point. System is perfectly accurate.
Computers can calculate cil few seconds. My suggestion for a center computers to navigate the civilization of my ships will be able to perform the calculation and start in a second, according to my calculations within real physical reality.
System is designed for international cooperation and international development of infrastructure in the universe. Common system which will subsequently include the standard marking functions in the form of jams, accidents, bad weather in space, the threat attacked, special events, energy waves, meteor swarm and much more.
The digital system also will focus on the political line, and the army line or business line, population research and extension line.
If anyone in the area of the function of such a system, he performs any detectable movement, we can easily see that, at a time when our system responds and can send information universe. Therefore, any movement in such a location may be under monitoring and without any problems. We will know all the physical possibilities. Communicating a similar distance can be strongly accelerated into the umpteenth time, maximum per day.

The space of the universe is such a large and unimaginable. One of the only transport route in perfect stage. The construction of such a space system would take over ten years from the beginning. Will the use of intelligent technology.
At the same time, we will use similar systems in the direction of research. System will not work for transport. System will be focused only on collecting information from the Universe and monitoring. Information about the basic position of the stars, planets, galaxies and special departments or precisely position other civilizations with information about their dimensions. Detailed photo, video or sound and the sound recordings. Detection radionic structure or through laser measurements of waves and many similarities.
Such a system can result in a much simpler version of the technology than my suggestion system of transport infrastructure. Infrastructure for research therefore prove to be of significant sizes than can be easily predicted.

The area of ​​research infrastructure will be of over

6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 light-years
5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 light-years
60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 light years.

This is the greatest record that may exist, and our computers will not be able to record all information about a similar sector.

The biggest record capable of forming our human science, it is only a mere few million light years. The space that is recorded in the ratio imaging system according to the geometric representation of 3D space, an image is captured in one place and without the ability of real movement.

The 2MASS Redshift Survey took 10 years to complete, and it has now yielded the finest 3D map of the universe ever made, cataloguing more than 43,000 galaxies within 380 million light-years from Earth. The new map was presented last week at the 218th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. You can view the map in a much bigger format here and, as one user suggests, you may want to “right click and save as desktop background.”

We will be able to capture a total area of over
1.799.999.999.999.999.999.963.520. cubic Light Years.
This means that when calculating the density of Space, The total value of our known galaxy which we can observe, it will take up at least 1.410.555.474.558.973.611.285.015.308.353.987.461.729.307.399.766.729.844.000.582.745,3899985420605 new galaxies. New galaxies with the value of their contents, solar systems and planets, the priming movement on these planets and signs of other foreign civilization other things, intelligent race. 

I think I served for the whole world much more value than European politics can provide values to create competition against me, so it's again a policy which is based only on robbing all humanity of the values which the European policy can not even comprehend.

All the Cosmic Civilization spaceships of my type, and according to my technology, these systems will be able to ensure full synchronization in such a system for monitoring the universe. System for monitoring the universe is against the current full value part of my systems and technologies civilization from cosmic ship.

It is therefore possible to say that due to such step, mankind has become highly dominates in the direction of the existence of our civilization and intelligence in the universe.

To anyone who is interested in owning cooperate with me.

     New era of humanity.
Patent rights for all my projects will be enforced for all the lost time, counted for each value. Subsequently, I will enforce the patent rights valid for the time when it comes to their registration, since registration in case my freedom without political prisoner of the current situation and the time when the registration is valid patent. Therefore, in today supported blocking my people mean support for my opportunity to impose a fine for anyone who robs me of the Patent Law or who attempt to block my person. Fines may be at comparable prices to what is the market value of the raw material originated competitors or the full value of development which is based on my patent rights.
Similar systems for transport it is possible to observe unfamiliar technology called Un-known Fly from Outher-space, UFO. Their alien to the system in the direction of Physics infrastructure many times, like my suggestions. In any case, according to information on an alien system, I can confirm from my projects and plans are better than completely alien technology that fly from space to us.
At the same time my technology and systems utilize a very widespread system and the combination of technology with concern for the physical reality of the system. My technology is in many ways a greater quality of sophisticated technology than people coming to our area.
At the same time, I own many, other similar plans by different types of engines for space travel at such notions Physics perfection. The number of such performance-engine is much more, and soon spread to several other tens to hundreds.
It is possible to visit the website of the National Library of the Czech Republic. This site under the name ,, Project Zare '' is dedicated to maintaining a database of UFO visits in the Czech Republic. This database is built in the form of misting information, but many statements from direct witnesses are often stotoznuje, during the time of our civilization in the absence of good post, telecommunications and people lived apart a greater distance than what they naturally could shift own environment or travel.
At the same time, this database shows little evidence of these UFO's visit for many hundreds of years back, they use special technology which our human intelligence we can understand and nowadays, among a few individuals from around the world.
Site administrators are probably trying to calm people, because bivalves information.
This proprietary database much information about special technologies, like over 300 years back. Technology which I can now understand at the same time I will use similar technology because I am able to construct them.
Today, there are many theories about similar technologies. In the first case, similar technologies were spotted already in history, according to some archaeological findings, it can be over several thousand years back. In one Chinese areas there is hidden Ceramic replica flying saucer. These replicas are age over 3,000 years.
In the vicinity of the site of the cave, there lives a group of people which has created a settlement even before hundreds, maybe thousands of years before the back. These people use similar text characters that are stored in the vicinity UFO ceramic plate. At the same time, genetic lynx these people resemble Theoretical superstitions about beings from a flying saucer. Short stature, characteristic lynx in the face.
This means that such technologies can be an alien race exploitation since the time across several thousand years back.
Today, a similar technology used the Hitler regime, which received similar theoretical information from its own scientific team. Hitler's science team then fled to the US where he worked on such programs. Until now, this program is published as unsuccessful simple type of aircraft turbine in the midst of his body.
At the same time, it is also true that my modern plans are often under espionage oppression from the Czech Republic and, other governments in Europe. These projects I created during the time of my childhood, a time when I could not know that I abuse through hypnosis, which means that the surrounding me, people can secretly eavesdrop. That means that if I am able to think of a new idea, other people around me heard him, stole and announced him as their own project to patent offices in the USA, over foreign companies.
Therefore, at the time when I came up with such opportunities for travel, according to my plans, immediately Within weeks, I could record in television advertising that sells special bike that uses a similar system for maintaining stability. That means the US may already know my proposals through cooperation on espionage with others from the Czech republic. That means the US may already secretly leverages my projects for space technologies and a special kind of traveling, like the UFO disks.
Such suspicions can be regarded as theoretical, but Confirmatory according to some events in the world.
Attacks on Russian military base. Such steps are not UFO normal. UFO always come, will take place for a visit and then goes back again immediately and without any damage to our civilization or without an attack. Therefore, I judge that such action could only be carried out USA. USA already knows my technology through espionage. At the same time, technology who carried out the attack on a Russian military base, this technology is identical in my project.
It is also true that, for example France, modern German, various other countries such as the Slovak Republic, they may know all that information from the Czech Republic. These countries are already, terrorist, they rob At the same time the entire world. Therefore, these countries have no problem with the fact that from their side of the theft and espionage or terrorist attacks. Therefore, it is indeed possible that, for example, a terrorist attack on a Russian military base could commit aircraft from European mode, possibly from the USA who with Russia are historically bad relationships.
According to the publicly known information is confirmed that Germany began to build saucers uz around the fifties of the last century. Their technology is based on the Anti gravitational physics system, maybe it's a similar system as my plan. German technology was designed just through simple technology through Physics who still did not know the reaction of detail and physics. Their intelligent technology was simple and inadequate. My proposal for the technology are often simply as successful performance. At the same time, schema entire system is in a lot of directions differently.
Some German technology can fly at speeds of over 2000 kilometers per hour. That means I can use partially similar plans because other option essentially does not exist unless it's just the physical similarity in the system who is based on this time of fyzical reaction by medial/false-propaged plan's and reality in real plan's. At the same time, my projects the same size as the German project, while the technology according to my plans can benefit from speeds of over millions of kilometers per hour.
In any case, my interests is to patent my technologies and uses them because I was able to produce these technologies in the legal relativity, in case if the German technology were in the same amount.
At the same time, according to the values German regime, Hitler's regime not beat largely unknown in patent rights. Today is a new time, we are confident of patent law is still missing one. My goal is to obtain a patent first, by legal relatedness to my situation. It's true that I am a person who knows of the physical system over ten years back.
It's also true that there are now various legal types that are similar to a form,, patent family ''. I have no idea what could be going towards this step. The decision is dependent on technologies that are used in relation undercover missions, the secret documents, and always with censorship in the media.
Therefore, I can believes that I am the person who owns all right, production and commercialization of the market, trade and production, supplier, traveling through technology, the opportunity to share in the media and much more.
If not, I do not mind. My other technology similar directions, the technology is more advanced. For example, motor based n atechnologii UFO, he may use an acceleration in terms of billions and trillions of kilometers per hour, with an increase at the same speed every second. My technology by other physical processes can benefit from the speed values ​​of several hundred kilometers per hour, billiards, with the option for increasing the speed of the same force value at every one second.
Types and other engines, according to my project, there are many more. For example, similarly Warp drive which examines NASA and I know many similar theories, then motor worth cyclone. It can be a flash of energy that travels extreme speed. That same special types of engine that can utilize the speed at extreme values.

Recently I was able to calculate a more accurate calculation of a special type of engine that is based on a combination of other technological systems, like my plans, which, however, will be in the final version very stronger and more intelligent than what could be today. Today it does not matter because my calculation ensure the possibility of using engines which on their size 200 x 200 x 200 meters, can create a speed of over 3,450 septilion kilometers per hour, the engine is started at 24 hours, 3.456. KM / 1 Hour.
At the same time, I designed a special system that can create 100 without gravity condition by means of different density.
In the future, a man of such rapidly increase the speed even, for example, up to several nonilionu or noniliard kilometers per hour. It is therefore necessary that I was at liberty. My systems can reach a speed of several Noniliard just after the start that must last more than seven days, maybe over 30 days.


A small part of my similar technologies. Special Cannon for travel between the Planet's and Solar system's, in One Galaxy. Transport of passanger's and Material holding.


Mr. Peter Gottwald
17 year's European Political Prisoner, life in society, blocked person with out Human Right's or Value.

Thank You and Have a Nice day, I look forward to your next visit !!
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